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Born in 1540 to Maharana Udai Singh II and Rani Jeevant Kanwar, Maharana Pratap succeeded his father as ruler of Mewar in 1572. He is famous for his resistance against the Mughal emperor Akbar, who wanted to bring Mewar under control mine. Pratap refused to surrender to Akbar and fought against him for over two decades. The quiz below will give you some insight into his life and struggles.

1. In what year did Maharana Pratap rule the Mewar kingdom?

A. 1572B. 1597C. 1645D. 1656

Answer: D. 1572

Explanation: Maharana Pratap ruled the Mewar kingdom in the 16th century, from 1572 until his death in 1597.

2. Who succeeded Maharana Pratap as ruler of Mewar?

A. Rana SangaB. Rana KumbhaC. Rana Udai Singh IID. Rana Bhojraj

Answer: A. Rana Udai Singh II

Explanation: Maharana Pratap succeeded his father Rana Udai Singh II and ascended the throne in 1572.

3. Which Mughal emperor did he fight against?

A. BaburB. HumayunC. AkbarD. Jahangir

Answer: C Akbar

Explanation: Maharana Pratap fought against Akbar, who wanted to take Mewar under his control. He was one of the most prominent Mughal emperors who ruled India during the 16th and 17th centuries. He expanded the territory of the Mughal Empire through a series of military campaigns.

4. What was the name of the battle between Maharana Pratap against the Mughal army in 1576?

A. Battle of PlasseyB. Battle of PanipatC. Battle of HaldighatiD. Battle of Talikota

Answer: C Battle of Haldighati

Explanation: Taking place at the Haldighati pass in the Aravalli range, the Battle of Haldighati is considered one of the most important battles in Indian history. Although the huge army of the Mughal force outnumbered Pratap’s troops, it is said that he fought bravely commanding the troops from his front.

5. What was the result of the battle of Haldighati?

A. Maharana Pratap won the battleB. The Mughals won the battle C. The battle was inconclusiveD. Both sides suffered heavy losses

Answer: B. The Mughals won the battle

Explanation: Unfortunately, Maharana Pratap lost the battle of Haldighati. One of the great advantages the Mughals had was a larger army than the Rajputs, which eventually led to the victory of the Mughals.

6. What was the name of Maharana Pratap’s horse?

A. ChetakB. Rana C. JhansiD. pilchard

Answer: A. Chetak

Explanation: Maharana Pratap’s loyal horse was named Chetak, and it is believed that he sacrificed his life to save Pratap during the Battle of Haldighati.

7. Who led the Mughal forces against Maharana Pratap at the Battle of Haldighati?

A. Man SinghB. Mirza HakimC. Bairam Khan D. Ratan Singh

Answer: A. Man Singh

Explanation: Man Singh was a famous Rajput military commander during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar in India. He led the Mughal forces against Maharana Pratap in the Battle of Haldighati.

8. Which fort was the capital of Mewar during the reign of Maharana Pratap?

A. ChittorgarhB. JaipurC. JodhpurD. Udaipur

Answer: A. Chittorgarh

Explanation: During the rule of Maharana Pratap, Chittorgarh was both the capital of Mewar state and the site of several important battles in Indian history.

9. Who did Maharana Pratap marry?

A. Maharani Ajabde PunwarB. Phool Bai Rathore C. Both D. None of the above

Answer: C. Both

Explanation: Maharana Pratap was married twice. His first wife was Maharani Ajabde Punwar and his second wife was Phool Bai Rathore.

10. When did Maharana Pratap die?

A. 1597B. 1590C. 1654D. 1675

Answer: A. 1597

Explanation: Maharana Pratap died of injuries sustained in a hunting accident.

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