Top 10 Best Left Wingers in the World – Ranked [2023]

The 10 best leftists in the world 2023

Winger is a position in some sports, including rugby league, soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, handball, rugby and lacrosse. This refers to the positions at the left and right ends of the playing field (the “wings”). In football, a left winger is a player who is positioned on the left side of the field, usually in an attacking role.

Left-handers are responsible for creating opportunities for their team to score, whether by dribbling past defenders, making precise passes to teammates, or shooting at goal themselves. They may also be required to drop back and defend their own half of the field when their team is not in possession of the ball. Left backs are an important part of a team’s attacking strategy and can often be instrumental in determining the outcome of a match. Let’s look in detail at the ten best left wingers in the world.

List of the 10 best leftists in the world

Here is the list of the top 10 leftists in the world in 2023.


Player’s name



Neymar Jr.



Vinicius Jr.



Sadio Mane



Rafael Leao



Jvicha Kvaratskelia



Heung Min Son

South Korean


Mark Rashford



Gabriel Martinelli



Leroy Sane



Phil Foden


The 10 best left-handers in the world 2023

1. Neymar Jr.: Neymar is one of the most technically gifted players in the world, with excellent dribbling skills, quick feet and an eye for goal. He has won numerous titles and awards throughout his career, including the UEFA Champions League and Copa América, and is known for his incredible speed and agility on the field.

2. Vinicius Jr.: The young Brazilian has become a key player for Real Madrid after starting out as a weak player. A talented left winger, Vinicius Jr., helped Real Madrid win the Champions League and La Liga last year.

3. Sadio Mane: Mane is a dynamic and versatile player, known for his excellent work rate and ability to score important goals. He has been a key player for Liverpool in recent years, helping them win the Premier League and the Champions League.

4. Rafael Leao: Leao has served as Portugal’s substitute for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He scored two goals and helped Portugal advance to the next round.

5. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia: After humiliating Liverpool in the Champions League, the Georgian left winger left a lasting mark on the world of football. He has provided six assists for Napoli this season in just three games.

6. Heung Min Son: Heung Min Son, South Korean superstar and Tottenham left winger, had a fantastic season in 2022. Last year he scored 23 goals. Son’s talents and skills have captivated millions of people around the world.

7. Marcus Rashford: Rashford is a young and talented player who has already made a huge impact on the world stage. He is an explosive left back, with great speed and control and the ability to score important goals.

8. Gabriel Martinelli: For Arsenal and their fans, 2023 is off to a fantastic start. On the left wing, Martinelli represents a constant threat to the opposition. Coach Arteta has a new game plan for each match and each one of them is a success for the team.

9. Leroy Sane: Sane is an exciting young player with incredible pace and dribbling skills. He has been a key player for Bayern Munich since he joined them in 2020, helping them win the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

10. Phil Foden: The unique player Foden is developing under Pep Guardiola. Foden had a fantastic year in 2022, contributing to several goals and assists for Manchester City.

Who is the number one left winger in the world?

Neymar Jr., from Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil, can be considered one of the best left backs in the world. He is known for his exceptional dribbling skills, creativity and ability to score and assist goals. Other players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane and Marcus Rashford are also among the best left backs in the world.

Neymar Jr. is known for his incredible dribbling ability, quick and precise footwork, and ability to create opportunities for himself and his teammates. He is also an excellent finisher, has scored many goals throughout his career and has a great sense of timing when passing and assisting his teammates. Furthermore, his performances in high-profile matches, such as the Champions League and international competitions such as the World Cup, have solidified his status as one of the best left wingers in the world.

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