The clothes you choose reveal your hidden personality traits

Style personality test: In fashion psychology, your choice of clothes can say a lot about your personality. Everyone is conscious of style. The type of clothes and accessories you wear can reveal a lot about your hidden traits and how you feel about yourself. The way you dress plays an important role in creating a great first impression. Join us to discover what your dressing style says about you. What is your personality style? Choose an outfit from the image below to discover your personality traits, strengths and hidden weaknesses.

Personality style test: What does your clothing style say about you?

Personality style test: What does your clothing style say about you?

Have you chosen your outfit from the image above yet? Check your personality traits based on the outfit you have chosen.

Outfit number 1

Check out the stylish personality

If you choose the first outfit, your style personality will reveal that you are confident and calm but also bold and assertive. You live a passionate life. You are open to new possibilities. You are not afraid of difficulties or obstacles that stand in your way. You walk with your head held high overcoming all problems.

You clearly understand what you want in life and also know how to achieve it. You are not a shy person. You are a straightforward person. You tend to be upfront about how you want things to go. You are not afraid of criticism or new challenges. You like to explore new things and new paths. You cannot be easily defeated or rejected. You are very determined in achieving your goals.

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Outfit number 2

Check out the stylish personality

If you choose the second outfit, your style personality traits will reveal that you are sociable. You are very good at connecting with people. You establish a connection quickly. You wear your smile like your makeup. You won’t let the world know you’re sad or having trouble.

Even though you can get hurt easily. You have an innocence that people can easily take advantage of. Sometimes you can also become frivolous. You are sometimes very carefree and superficial. However, you have quite an optimistic heart, which helps you eliminate any negativity that comes your way.

Outfit number 3

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If you choose the third outfit, your style will reveal that you are reserved and shy. You reveal your true hidden personality traits slowly over time. You are humble and kind. You tend to stay away from conflicts. You don’t like much spontaneity. You are very empathetic towards others.

You quickly let go of all disappointments. You don’t take anything to your heart. You can’t be offended for long. You are a forgiving person. You have the ability to understand other people’s emotions and the underlying reasons behind their actions. You can also sacrifice your own comfort for the happiness of others. You enjoy spending time alone in your own company to recharge after emotional fatigue.

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Outfit number 4

Check out the stylish personality

If you choose the fourth outfit, your personality style will reveal that you are a logical person. You will consider facts rather than emotions. You are witty and sophisticated. You cannot be easily fooled. You are highly ambitious and determined. You dream big and can often achieve your goals. You are a proud person and love yourself with complete acceptance.

You maintain a high level of calm and composure in the way you present yourself. You often appear cold and distant, yet you are mostly gentle in the way you conduct conversations. Although you always strive to achieve your goals, you will not hurt others to get what you want.

Outfit number 5

Check out the stylish personality

If you choose the fifth outfit, your style will reveal that you are independent and fierce. You are not vulnerable. You accept criticism constructively to improve yourself. You find it difficult to ask for help or accept help even when offered. You also find it difficult to adapt to change.

You cannot be easily persuaded to change your mind. You are someone who has firm faith in your own beliefs. It’s not easy to become your friend quickly, however people who can touch your heart often become true friends over a long period of time. You are a trustworthy person.

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