Test your investigative skills by finding the criminal who escaped at the airport in 6 seconds.

Are you ready to put on your thinking hat? Today we have prepared the perfect mental exercise for you – Brain teasers. There are different types of brain puzzles available on the internet. Some ask you to spot an object, animal or person hidden in the picture, prompting you to use your observation skills. Meanwhile, there are intellectual puzzles that require you to use problem solving skills and analytical thinking. The conundrum that we prepare for you today is of the latter type. Get ready to get your brain well trained with this puzzle. Shall we begin?

Find the escaped criminal in 6 seconds

Here is today’s picture puzzle. Watch:


Source: 7 Second Quiz

The image above shows three bearded men at the airport near the baggage check point. The police department received an anonymous tip that a dangerous criminal had escaped from prison and was about to leave the country. The three men in the photo are the suspects. One of them is the escaped criminal. Who can you find out? You have 6 seconds to solve this brain puzzle. And your time starts now. Take out your phone or watch and set the timer to 6 seconds. All the best.

Have you found the crime yet? Hurry up. Time is running out. If you do not identify the criminal within the given time, then he will escape from the authorities forever. We will provide the solution to this conundrum at the end of this article.

Brain teaser solution

The third person on the right is the fugitive criminal. If he is blind then why does he need a flashlight?


Source: 7 Second Quiz

We hope that this brain-provoking picture puzzle is difficult to solve but still entertaining. Here are a few suggestions for you. Find out if you can solve them all:

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Finding the chameleon in this image is impossible. Can you find it in 7 seconds?

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