Spot the difference challenge: Find 3 differences in 13 seconds!

Find the difference is a type of puzzle game where the reader needs to find the difference between two identical pictures.

This is a fun and entertaining activity that both children and adults enjoy participating in.

The benefit of playing this game is that it improves concentration, visual attention and problem solving skills.

Now, you might be wondering how to take on this challenge. Well, to play this game, all you need is a keen eye for detail and a keen eye for detail.

Are you ready to test how sharp your visual skills are?


Find 3 differences between two pictures of horses in 10 seconds

Spot the difference: Detect 3 differences in 13 seconds

Discover 3 differences of pumpkins

Source: YouTube

The two boys with carved pumpkins can be seen in the image shared above. There are also two curved pumpkins on each side of the image.

Do the two images look the same?

Well, these two images are not the same.

There are 3 differences between the two pictures and you have 13 seconds to find them.

While some of the differences may be easy to spot, it takes a sweat to spot the differences.

According to studies, actively participating in such activities stimulates the brain regions responsible for memory and concentration.

Therefore, regular practice of these activities will help improve concentration and memory retention.

Hurry up; time is running out.

How many differences have you discovered so far?


Every now and then.

You can also share this challenge with your friends and family to see who has the best visual skills.

Meanwhile, if time runs out and can’t find all the differences, you can see the solution provided below.

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Find 3 differences in 13 seconds: Solution

The difference challenge at this point is mainly to find 3 differences in the time limit of 13 seconds and the difference is as follows:

Solution to find out 3 differences of pumpkins

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