Search Puzzle: You have 20/20 vision if you can find a cat hiding in a tree in 5 seconds!

Search Puzzle: “The Search Challenge” is one of the most popular online quizzes that tests an individual’s observation skills and attention to detail.

These types of puzzles are known to improve the user’s attention and enhance visual perception.

Hidden item can be any object, animal, number, alphabet, etc. In short, it can be any hidden item.

This activity is highly effective in improving general observation abilities as well as improving concentration.

How detail-oriented are you?

Take this quick challenge to find out now!

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Search – Find the Cat Hiding in the Tree in 5 Seconds


Source: Bright Side

In the image shared above there is a cat hiding in a tree and you need to find that cat in 5 seconds.

While for some people the cat is easy to spot, others may find it a bit difficult to spot.

This challenge tests your ability to look at things attentively.

Looking back at the picture, you can catch a glimpse of the cat.

Hurry up; Time is running out.

Finding the cat in the tree in 5 seconds is quite a difficult task.

However, people with superior observation skills will be able to notice the cat faster than others.

Have you found the cat yet?

Hurry up, the clock is ticking.

The cat may be right in front of your eyes, but you may not notice it at first.

Are you paying attention to the cat now?


The deadline has expired.

How many cats can you spot within the time limit?

We believe most of you have found the cat in the tree.

Are you curious to know where the cat is?

Then see the solution below.

Find the cat in the tree in 5 seconds – Solution

The cat can be seen on the left side of the photo, sleeping soundly on top of a fallen tree.


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