Search puzzle: Can you find a boy among girls in 4 seconds?

Search Puzzle: A “find and find” puzzle based on the premise of finding a hidden item in a picture within a limited time.

These puzzles can also be a great stress reliever and a way to relax after a long day, as they require focus and concentration while also providing a sense of satisfaction when you find the puzzle. hidden items.

They are very popular among children as well as adults and are often used as a fun way to improve cognitive skills, attention span and visual perception.

How detail-oriented are you?

Find out with this quick challenge.

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Seek and Find – Find guys among girls in 4 seconds


Source: Bright Side

The image shared above depicts a group of girls with blonde hair.

Among the girls there is a boy and your challenge is to identify him in 4 seconds.

Only the sharpest eyes can spot the boy within the time limit.

Take a close look at the picture and scan all the areas to identify the guy among the girls.

Do you recognize the boy?


Focus carefully again and see if you can identify the boy.

Hurry up; The clock is ticking fast.


Every now and then.

How many of you have successfully discovered the boy in the photo?

We believe that by now most of you might have spotted the boy.

Those who are still searching can check the solution provided below.

Find a guy among girls in 4 seconds – Solution

The boy can be seen in the fourth row on the right side of the image.


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