Search and Find: Only the sharpest eyes can spot the strange elephant in 7 seconds!

Search and Find: “Search Challenge” is one of the most popular online quizzes used to test an individual’s observation skills and attention to detail.

In this activity, an image is displayed before the user that contains a hidden item. The hidden item can be any object, animal, number, alphabet, etc

The time limit to identify hidden items and complete challenges makes it competitive.

Regularly practicing this activity will be highly effective in improving observation and attention skills.

Sounds interesting, right?

Then try this challenge now!

You have eagle eyes if you can find the other team’s fan in a baseball game photo in 5 seconds!

Search – Find the Weird Elephant in 7 Seconds


Source: YouTube

In the image shared above, users will see a group of elephants in a 16 x 10 grid. There are a total of 160 elephants in this image.

Among the 160 elephants, there is a strange elephant and you need to find that elephant in 7 seconds.

The goal of this search challenge is to test your attention to details and observation skills.

Only those with exceptional visual skills can solve the limited time challenge.

The elephant may appear right before your eyes. Stare.

You need excellent observation and situational awareness skills to spot the odd elephant.

Have you found the strange elephant yet?

Hurry up; Time is running out.

Focus on the image one last time to check if you can identify the elephant that is not part of the group.


Every now and then.

Can you spot the strange elephant within the time limit?

Some sharp-eyed users may have found the strange elephant faster than others.

Those who can’t find the strange elephant can stop looking now.

Are you curious to know where the strange elephant is?

Then see the solution below.

Find the strange elephant in 7 seconds – Solution

The odd elephant can be seen in the 4th column and 7th row. While all the other elephants face left, the odd elephant faces right.


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