Robinne Lee Ethnicity, What is Robinne Lee’s Ethnicity?

Ethnicity is what indicates the identification of a group based on a perceived cultural distinctiveness. So here we can check what ethnicity Robinne Lee is black.

Robinne Lee is a popular American actress and writer who was born on July 16, 1974.

According to our latest research, Robinne Lee is of black ethnicity and was born in Mount Vernon, New York, United States.

Real name

Robin Lee


July 16, 1974


49 years


5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters)


49 kilograms (108 lb)

place of birth

Mount Vernon, New York, United States




American actress and writer







Who is Robinne Lee?

Robinne Lee is a multi-talented American actress and writer known for her contributions to the entertainment industry. Her career spanned several facets, including acting, writing, and producing, making her a notable figure in Hollywood.

Born on July 16, 1974 in Mount Vernon, New York, Robinne Lee has graced the big and small screen with her presence. Her versatility and talent have allowed her to excel in various roles, establishing her as a respected figure in the industry.

As an actress, Robinne Lee has made significant contributions to film and television. She has appeared in several films and television shows, including notable roles in films such as “Hitch” (2005), where she starred alongside Will Smith, and “Seven Pounds” (2008), with Will Smith and Rosario Dawson. Her performances have earned her recognition and a dedicated fan base.

In addition to her acting career, Robinne Lee is an accomplished writer. She is the author of the novel “The Idea of ​​You,” which received critical acclaim and resonated with readers. Her work as an author shows her creativity and storytelling skills.

Robinne Lee Age

As of now, Robinne Lee is 49 years old (born on July 16, 1974). She was born in the culturally rich city of Mount Vernon, New York, USA. Despite the passage of years, Robinne Lee continues to shine brightly in her career and remains an inspiring figure in the world of entertainment.

Robinne Lee Height and Weight

Robinne Lee’s height is 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches) and weight is 49 kilograms (108 lbs). These personal details are often considered private to people in the entertainment industry and Robinne Lee has not disclosed them to the public domain. Instead, her career is defined by her exceptional talent, her versatility, and her ability to captivate audiences with her screen performances and her written literary contributions. Robinne Lee’s impact transcends physical measurements, as she has left an indelible mark on American film and literature through her work, making her an influential and respected figure in both fields.

Physical attributes



163 cm (5 ft 4 in)


49 kilograms (108 lb)

Robinne Lee Nationality

Robinne Lee is an American actress and writer, who proudly holds American nationality. She was born and raised in the United States, her birthplace being Mount Vernon, New York. Throughout her career in the entertainment industry, Robinne Lee has contributed significantly to American cinema and literature.

His American heritage has played a pivotal role in shaping his identity and career. As an actress, she has appeared in numerous American films and television shows, establishing herself as a recognizable face in Hollywood. Her roles in American productions have allowed her to connect with audiences across the country.

In addition to her acting career, Robinne Lee’s American background has influenced her writing efforts. Her novel, “The Idea of ​​You,” is a testament to her literary contributions to American literature, which she resonated with readers of diverse backgrounds within the United States.


Robinne Lee is a highly successful American actress and writer, celebrated for her notable contributions to both film and literature. Born on July 16, 1974 in Mount Vernon, New York, she embarked on her journey into the world of entertainment after graduating from Columbia Law School, choosing to pursue her passion for acting.

Lee’s notable film credits include his captivating performances in Hav Plenty (1997), Deliver Us from Eve (2003), Hitch (2005), Seven Pounds (2008), Fifty Shades Darker (2017) and Fifty Shades Freed (2018). In the Fifty Shades trilogy, she played Ros Bailey, the vice president of Gray Enterprises Holdings, Inc., leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Her television appearances span a wide range of shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Numbers, House of Payne, Being Mary Jane and Superstition, showing her versatility as an actress.

In addition to her acting career, Robinne Lee is also a talented writer. In 2017, she published her first novel, The Idea of ​​You, a gripping story of a young woman who falls in love with an older rock star.

Robinne Lee is famous for her multifaceted talents, gaining recognition for her roles in the Fifty Shades trilogy and her compelling writing. Her career continues to flourish, cementing her status as a versatile and accomplished artist in the entertainment industry.

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