Richest Tennis Players in the World 2023 – Top 10 with Net Worth

Richest Tennis Players in the World 2023

Welcome to the thrilling world of tennis, where incredible talent and fierce competition combine to create some of the wealthiest athletes on the planet. As we step into the year 2023, the financial landscape of professional tennis continues to astound with its remarkable riches. In this exclusive exploration, we’ll delve into the lives and careers of the Richest Tennis Players in the World for 2023, shedding light on the individuals who have mastered both the art of tennis and the art of accumulating vast fortunes.



Net Worth in 2023


Jessica Pegula

USD 6.7 billion


Ion Tiriac

USD 2 billion


Roger Federer

USD 550 million


Serena Williams

USD 290 million


Novak Djokovic

USD 240 million


Rafael Nadal

USD 220 million


Maria Sharapova

USD 180 million


Pete Sampras

USD 150 million


Andre Agassi

USD 145 million


Andy Murray

USD 105 million

Tennis, a sport known for its elegance, precision, and relentless athleticism, has long been a magnet for top-tier talent and sponsors eager to align with its stars. Over the years, the world has witnessed an ever-escalating arms race in terms of prize money, endorsement deals, and off-court investments, resulting in tennis players amassing jaw-dropping wealth.

In this era of tennis, where records are shattered, new stars emerge, and old legends continue to mesmerize, financial success is not just confined to the elite players. The global appeal of the sport, coupled with its charismatic athletes, has transformed it into a lucrative industry, replete with brand ambassadors, role models, and business moguls.

From the baseline to the boardroom, the Richest Tennis Players in the World for 2023 have navigated their careers with precision, capitalizing on their on-court achievements and leveraging their personalities to accumulate vast fortunes. Their stories are an inspiring testament to the power of talent, dedication, and astute financial acumen.

Top 10 Richest Tennis Players in the World 2023

Join us on this journey as we unveil the top earners in the tennis universe, exploring their triumphs on the court, their savvy off-court business ventures, and the astronomical figures that adorn their bank accounts. Discover how these tennis luminaries have transcended the boundaries of sport, becoming not just legends in tennis history but also financial titans in their own right. The Richest Tennis Players in the World for 2023 are not only champions with racquets but also champions of wealth and success in a game that extends far beyond the confines of the court.


1. Jessica Pegula (USD 6.7 billion)

Jessica Pegula, while not as well-known as some of her tennis counterparts, has amassed an astonishing net worth of USD 6.7 billion. Born in 1994 in Buffalo, New York, she comes from a wealthy family with interests in the sports and entertainment industries. Jessica’s fortune stems not only from her tennis career but also from strategic investments made by her family.

Pegula turned professional in 2013 and steadily climbed the ranks in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). While she has not yet achieved Grand Slam success, her consistent performance on the court has contributed to her impressive wealth. Off the court, Pegula is involved in various business ventures, including real estate and venture capital.

Beyond her financial success, Jessica Pegula is admired for her dedication to the sport and her philanthropic efforts, making her a prominent figure both in the tennis world and the business world.

2. Ion Tiriac (USD 2 billion)

Ion Tiriac, a former professional tennis player and now a successful businessman, boasts a net worth of USD 2 billion. Born in Romania in 1939, Tiriac had a noteworthy tennis career in the 1960s and 1970s, which laid the foundation for his later financial success.

Tiriac transitioned into the business world and became a prominent figure in Romanian finance, banking, and sports management. He owns the prestigious Mutua Madrid Open, a prominent event on the ATP and WTA calendars. Additionally, Tiriac has investments in real estate and various other industries.

His shrewd business acumen and continued involvement in tennis have solidified Ion Tiriac’s status as one of the wealthiest figures in the sport, and his contributions to both tennis and the business world are widely recognized.

3. Roger Federer (USD 550 million)

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer is not just a sporting icon but also one of the richest athletes in the world. With a net worth of USD 550 million, Federer’s wealth extends beyond his on-court achievements. Born in 1981, Federer has an illustrious career that includes 20 Grand Slam singles titles and numerous records.

Much of Federer’s wealth comes from lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, and Uniqlo. He’s known for his sportsmanship and charisma, which have endeared him to fans worldwide.

Federer’s philanthropic efforts are also noteworthy. He established the Roger Federer Foundation, dedicated to improving education and healthcare access for children in need. His impact on and off the court has cemented his legacy as one of tennis’s all-time greats and one of the wealthiest tennis players in history.

4. Serena Williams (USD 290 million)

Serena Williams is not only one of the greatest female tennis players of all time but also one of the richest. With a staggering net worth of USD 290 million, Serena has amassed her wealth through a combination of on-court success, endorsement deals, and various business ventures. Her unparalleled dominance in women’s tennis, with 23 Grand Slam singles titles to her name, has contributed significantly to her earnings.

Off the court, Serena has been a brand ambassador for numerous high-profile companies, including Nike, Gatorade, and JPMorgan Chase. Her fashion line, “Serena,” and investments in tech startups have further bolstered her financial portfolio. Additionally, Serena and her sister Venus are part owners of the Miami Dolphins, a NFL team, adding another layer to her diversified wealth.

Serena’s business acumen and relentless dedication to her craft have not only made her one of the wealthiest tennis players but also a symbol of empowerment for women in sports and entrepreneurship.

5. Novak Djokovic (USD 240 million)

Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis sensation, has firmly established himself as one of the richest tennis players in the world with a net worth of USD 240 million. Djokovic’s success on the court is evident through his numerous Grand Slam titles, including multiple victories at Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open, and the Australian Open.

His financial success extends beyond his tennis earnings, with lucrative endorsement deals from brands like Lacoste and Head. Djokovic’s meticulous approach to fitness and diet, as well as his holistic lifestyle, have made him a sought-after figure in the wellness and nutrition industry. He even co-owns a restaurant chain called “Novak Café & Restaurant.”

Furthermore, Djokovic is known for his philanthropic efforts through the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which focuses on early childhood education and improving the lives of disadvantaged children. His combination of on-court prowess and off-court ventures has solidified his status as one of the wealthiest and most influential tennis players globally.

6. Rafael Nadal (USD 220 million)

Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis icon, has amassed a substantial fortune with a net worth of USD 220 million. Known for his extraordinary prowess on clay courts, Nadal has clinched numerous Grand Slam titles, with a record number of French Open victories among them.

Off the court, Nadal has secured lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Nike, Kia Motors, and Banco Sabadell. His charisma and sportsmanship have made him a beloved figure in the world of tennis, and these qualities have also translated into successful business ventures.

In addition to his tennis and endorsement earnings, Nadal has invested in the restaurant business, owning a chain of restaurants called “Tatel.” He also launched the Rafael Nadal Academy, a state-of-the-art tennis and sports center in his hometown of Mallorca, Spain.

Rafael Nadal’s dedication to his sport, coupled with his entrepreneurial endeavors, has made him one of the wealthiest tennis players in the world while also contributing significantly to the growth of tennis in Spain and beyond.

7. Maria Sharapova (USD 180 million)

Maria Sharapova is one of the wealthiest tennis players in the world, with a net worth of approximately $180 million. Born in Russia in 1987, Sharapova burst onto the tennis scene as a young prodigy and quickly rose to stardom. She is best known for her fierce competitiveness and powerful playing style.

Sharapova’s income extends beyond the tennis court. She has been a highly marketable athlete, endorsing brands like Nike, Porsche, and Evian, among others. Her business acumen led her to launch her own brand of candy, Sugarpova, which has been a successful venture.

Though her career was marred by injuries, Sharapova managed to win five Grand Slam singles titles, including Wimbledon and the US Open. In 2016, she faced a doping suspension, which temporarily impacted her earnings. However, she retired from professional tennis in 2020, leaving behind a legacy as one of the wealthiest and most influential female athletes of her generation.

8. Pete Sampras (USD 150 million)

Pete Sampras, with a net worth of around $150 million, is a retired American tennis legend. Born in 1971, he dominated the tennis world during the 1990s with his powerful serve and versatile playing style.

Throughout his career, Sampras won 14 Grand Slam singles titles, including seven Wimbledon championships. His consistency and composure on the court earned him the nickname “Pistol Pete.” He held the record for the most Grand Slam titles won by a male player until it was surpassed by Roger Federer.

Sampras also excelled in endorsements, signing lucrative deals with companies like Nike and Wilson. His popularity extended well beyond the sport, making him one of the most marketable athletes of his era. After retiring in 2002, he continued to stay involved in tennis through various endeavors, including coaching and exhibitions, contributing to his substantial wealth.

9. Andre Agassi (USD 145 million)

Andre Agassi, with an estimated net worth of $145 million, is a former American tennis superstar known for his colorful personality and on-court prowess. Born in 1970, Agassi’s career spanned over two decades.

Agassi’s financial success was not solely due to his tennis winnings, which included eight Grand Slam singles titles, but also his endorsement deals with brands like Nike and Canon. His marketability was further boosted by his distinctive fashion choices and iconic long hair.

Beyond his playing days, Agassi continued to be involved in tennis, notably through his charitable foundation focused on education. He also invested in various business ventures, including a successful chain of academies, adding to his wealth.

10. Andy Murray (USD 105 million)

Andy Murray, a British tennis sensation, boasts a net worth of approximately $105 million. Born in 1987, Murray is known for his incredible work ethic and determination on the tennis court.

Murray’s success includes three Grand Slam singles titles, including two Wimbledon championships, making him one of the most successful British tennis players in history. His tenacity and competitiveness endeared him to fans worldwide.

Off the court, Murray has endorsed brands like Adidas and Under Armour. He also launched his own line of tennis clothing and equipment. Despite battling injuries, Murray remains a prominent figure in the sport, and his financial investments and endorsements contribute to his substantial net worth.

Top Richest Tennis Player in the World

In the world of tennis in 2023 is not only defined by breathtaking athleticism and fierce competition but also by the extraordinary wealth accumulated by its top athletes. The Richest Tennis Players in the World for 2023 showcase a unique blend of talent, business acumen, and dedication to their craft that has propelled them to astronomical financial heights.

From Jessica Pegula’s remarkable ascent fueled by strategic investments to Ion Tiriac’s transition from tennis stardom to business magnate, each player’s journey is a testament to their multifaceted success. Roger Federer’s enduring legacy, Serena Williams’ dominance both on and off the court, and Novak Djokovic’s holistic approach to wellness and entrepreneurship exemplify the diverse paths to wealth in the world of tennis.

Rafael Nadal’s charisma, Maria Sharapova’s branding prowess, Pete Sampras’ iconic career, Andre Agassi’s colorful journey, and Andy Murray’s unwavering determination underscore the rich tapestry of stories within this elite group.

These tennis luminaries have not only conquered their sport but have also become titans of wealth, philanthropy, and business. Their remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration, highlighting the boundless opportunities that the world of tennis offers, both within the white lines of the court and beyond.

As the sport continues to evolve, the Richest Tennis Players in the World for 2023 serve as living legends, reminding us that success in tennis is not just about winning matches but also about mastering the art of financial prosperity and creating a lasting impact on and off the court.

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