Richest Person in Nepal 2023 – Top 10 Updated List

Richest Person in Nepal 2023

As of 2023, Nepal boasts a notable roster of wealthy individuals who have made significant contributions to the country’s economy and business landscape. These individuals have amassed substantial fortunes through their entrepreneurial endeavors, investments, and strategic ventures. Let’s explore some of the richest men in Nepal and their achievements. Here is the list of the richest persons in Nepal as of 2023:



Net Worth


Binod Chaudhary

USD 1.7 billion


Shesh Ghale

USD 1.18 billion


Jamuna Gurung

USD 260 million


Upendra Mahato

USD 250 million


Ajeya Sumargi

USD 200 million


Rajendra Kumar Khetan

USD 150 million


Jiba Lamichhane

USD 110 million


Aditya Jha

USD 100 million


Balram Chainrai

USD 70 million


Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah

USD 58 million

Top 10 Richest People in Nepal

These wealthy individuals, along with others on the list, exemplify the potential for entrepreneurship and business success in Nepal. Their achievements contribute not only to their personal wealth but also to the growth and development of the country’s economy. By creating employment opportunities, investing in various industries, and engaging in philanthropic activities, they play an integral role in driving progress and prosperity in Nepal.

It is worth noting that the rankings and net worth figures provided are approximate and subject to change as economic conditions and business ventures evolve. Nevertheless, the success stories of these individuals continue to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and serve as a testament to the entrepreneurial potential within Nepal.

In this article, we have listed and explained the top 10 richest people in Nepal as of 2023. Hence, we suggest you to go through the article completely for a thorough knowledge of the subject. 


1. Binod Chaudhary (USD 1.7 billion)

Binod Chaudhary, a prominent entrepreneur from Nepal, has made history by becoming the first businessman from his country to be included in the prestigious Forbes billionaire list. His remarkable achievements have propelled him to accumulate a net worth of USD 1.7 billion.

Binod’s entrepreneurial journey commenced with the establishment of a nightclub named Copper Floor, located in Kathmandu. From this humble beginning, he has gone on to establish and lead Nepal’s largest conglomerate, Chaudhary Group, which encompasses a diverse range of industries and sectors.

Chaudhary Group has evolved into a multinational conglomerate with a formidable presence in numerous fields such as consumer goods, education, hospitality services, financial services, biotechnology, electronics, real estate, and alternative medicine. Binod’s visionary leadership has allowed the group to expand its entrepreneurial ventures across 19 countries, encompassing a vast portfolio of over 80 companies.

Binod Chaudhary’s achievements serve as a testament to his business acumen, determination, and unwavering commitment to success. By diversifying his business interests and venturing into multiple sectors, he has positioned himself as a prominent figure in the global business landscape.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

2. Shesh Ghale (USD 1.18 billion)

Shesh Ghale, the second wealthiest individual in Nepal, boasts a substantial net worth of USD 1.18 billion. Ghale’s wealth is derived from his successful venture at the Melbourne Institute of Technology, located in Australia.

Notably, Ghale has held prominent positions throughout his career. He previously served as the President of the Non-resident Nepalese Association and currently holds the role of CEO and Co-founder at the Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. His contributions to education and academia have played a significant role in his financial success.

Furthermore, Ghale is recognized for his notable humanitarian efforts during the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal. His philanthropic contributions and involvement in disaster relief initiatives have made a positive impact on the lives of many affected individuals. Beyond his accomplishments in Nepal, Ghale has also gained recognition on an international scale. In Australia, he is regarded as the 78th wealthiest person, further solidifying his status as a successful entrepreneur and influential figure.

Shesh Ghale’s journey exemplifies his entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic endeavors, and commitment to making a difference. His achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and highlight the potential for success through dedication and innovative thinking.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

3. Jamuna Gurung (USD 260 million)

Jamuna Gurung has secured a significant milestone as the first woman to be featured in the list of the wealthiest individuals in Nepal. Her remarkable achievements have resulted in a considerable net worth of USD 260 million.

Currently serving as the Managing Director of the Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, Gurung holds a prominent position within the institution she co-founded alongside her husband, Shesh Ghale, who himself ranks as the second billionaire in Nepal. Their collaborative efforts have not only contributed to their personal success but have also made a significant impact on the field of education.

Gurung’s accomplishments extend beyond her home country. In Australia, she stands as the eighth richest woman, further highlighting her entrepreneurial prowess and financial achievements.

Jamuna Gurung’s inclusion among Nepal’s wealthiest individuals is a testament to her exceptional business acumen and dedication. As a trailblazing woman in a male-dominated industry, she serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and exemplifies the potential for success through determination and visionary leadership. Her contributions to the Melbourne Institute of Technology and her position as a prominent figure in Australia’s business landscape further solidify her standing as a respected entrepreneur and advocate for women’s empowerment.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

4. Upendra Mahato (USD 250 million)

Upendra Mahato, the fourth wealthiest individual in Nepal, possesses a substantial net worth estimated to be USD 250 million. He has held influential positions in various organizations, contributing to his success and prominence.

Previously, Mahato served as the president of the Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA), International Coordination Council (ICC), showcasing his leadership capabilities and commitment to the Nepalese diaspora. Currently, he holds the position of president in the Russia-Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, further cementing his role in fostering bilateral trade relations.

In recognition of his contributions and influence, Mahato has been appointed as the Honorary Consul General of Nepal in the Republic of Belarus, assuming a diplomatic role that strengthens the relationship between the two countries.

Mahato’s wealth stems from his involvement in multinational business endeavors, as well as his establishment of a television factory in Russia. Furthermore, he has diversified his investments in sectors such as electronics, oil and gas, real estate, heavy machinery, financial services, and Ncell-Axiata, a major telecommunications company in Nepal.

Upendra Mahato’s entrepreneurial ventures and strategic investments have propelled his financial success, making him a prominent figure in Nepal’s business landscape. His contributions to various sectors and dedication to fostering international trade and relations demonstrate his ability to navigate complex business environments and make significant contributions to the economy.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

5. Ajeya Sumargi (USD 200 million)

Ajay Sumagri holds the esteemed position of being the fifth wealthiest individual in Nepal, amassing a substantial net worth of USD 200 million. He serves as the Chairman of the renowned Muktishree Group of Companies, showcasing his leadership and entrepreneurial prowess.

In addition to his role at Muktishree Group, Ajay also holds key positions in the telecommunications sector. He serves as the Executive Director of Nepal Satellite Telecom Pvt. Ltd., contributing to the development and growth of the telecommunications industry in the country.

Furthermore, Ajay Sumagri is recognized as a founding member of the telecommunications giant Ncell Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as Spice Nepal Pvt. Ltd. His visionary contributions to the establishment and growth of this prominent telecommunications company have played a significant role in shaping the industry landscape in Nepal.

Ajay’s entrepreneurial ventures in telecommunications, combined with his leadership at Muktishree Group, have contributed to his notable wealth and success. His influential role within the telecommunications sector highlights his expertise and dedication to driving technological advancements and connectivity in Nepal.

Ajay Sumagri’s achievements position him as a key figure in Nepal’s business community, and his contributions to telecommunications have had a transformative impact on the industry. His leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors exemplify the potential for success through innovation and strategic business ventures.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

6. Rajendra Kumar Khetan (USD 150 million)

Rajendra Kumar Khetan is recognized as the 6th wealthiest individual in Nepal, with an estimated net worth of USD 150 million. He has established himself as a successful industrialist, engaging in various sectors that span a wide range of industries.

Khetan’s business interests encompass diverse areas such as mining, consumer goods including beverages and foodstuff, insurance, banking and financial services, telecommunications, information technology, real estate, and energy. His involvement in these industries exemplifies his versatility as an entrepreneur and his ability to navigate multiple sectors.

Beyond his business achievements, Khetan has also been honored with prestigious awards and titles. He holds the esteemed position of Senate Member at Kathmandu University, showcasing his dedication to education and academia. Additionally, he serves as the Honorary Consul of Portugal, highlighting his diplomatic role in strengthening relations between Nepal and Portugal.

Furthermore, Khetan holds the position of President of the Nepal Britain Chambers of Commerce and Industry and is associated with Alliance Française Kathmandu, further emphasizing his engagement in fostering international business relations.

Khetan’s contributions extend to his involvement in various prominent organizations and institutions. He has served as Vice President of FNCCI (Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and Chairman of Laxmi Bank, among his involvement in 12 other distinct roles.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

7. Jiba Lamichhane (USD 110 million)

Jiba Lamichhane, a prominent businessman and writer, holds the distinguished position of being the seventh wealthiest individual in Nepal, with a significant net worth of USD 110 million. Currently, he serves as the Managing Director of Techno Trust, a company based in Moscow, Russia, known for manufacturing Elson Brand LCD TVs.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Jiba Lamichhane has made notable contributions to the Nepalese diaspora. He is a founding member of the Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) and has also served as the President of the International Coordination Council (ICC) of NRNA. Through his involvement in these organizations, he has played a pivotal role in promoting the welfare and interests of Nepali individuals living outside of Nepal.

Furthermore, Jiba is recognized for his philanthropic activities, reflecting his commitment to giving back to society. His contributions and efforts have been acknowledged through the prestigious “Prawal Janasewshree Award,” one of the highest honors bestowed by the state of Nepal, which recognizes his significant contributions to both Nepal and the Nepali diaspora.

Jiba Lamichhane’s success as a businessman, combined with his dedication to the welfare of the Nepalese community, establishes him as an influential figure within the country and abroad. His leadership, philanthropy, and entrepreneurial achievements exemplify the potential for individuals to make a meaningful impact both in business and in society at large.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

8. Aditya Jha (USD 100 million)

Aditya Jha is a notable figure hailing from Nepal. He is recognized for his significant contributions and achievements in various fields. Aditya Jha is widely acknowledged as a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and advocate for social change. He has made remarkable strides in the realm of technology and innovation, particularly in Canada, where he has established himself as a prominent figure.

Jha’s entrepreneurial endeavors have encompassed diverse industries, including technology, finance, and philanthropy. He has been involved in the creation and growth of several successful companies, leveraging his expertise to drive innovation and economic development. His net worth is estimated to be $100 million as of 2023.

Moreover, Aditya Jha has demonstrated his commitment to making a positive impact on society through his philanthropic initiatives. He has actively supported various social causes and has worked towards empowering underprivileged communities through education, skills training, and sustainable development projects.

Jha’s dedication and accomplishments have earned him recognition and accolades both within Nepal and internationally. His contributions to business, philanthropy, and social change exemplify the potential for individuals to create meaningful and lasting impacts in their communities and beyond.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

9. Balram Chainrai (USD 70 million)

Balram Chainrai, with a net worth of USD 70 million, is a notable individual in the business world. Chainrai has made his mark as a successful entrepreneur and investor. While specific details about his ventures may not be available, his accumulated wealth indicates his involvement in various business endeavors.

Though information regarding Chainrai’s specific industry involvements may be limited, his financial success underscores his ability to navigate the business landscape and make shrewd investment decisions. While further details about Chainrai’s accomplishments and contributions are not readily accessible, his financial achievements signify his competence as an entrepreneur and investor.

Balram Chainrai’s success and net worth exemplify the potential for individuals to prosper through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

10. Gyanendra Bir (USD 58 million)

Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah, with a net worth of USD 58 million, is a prominent figure in Nepal. Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah is best known for his role as the former King of Nepal. As a member of the Shah dynasty, he ascended to the throne in 2001 following the tragic royal massacre. His reign lasted until 2008 when Nepal transitioned from a monarchy to a federal democratic republic.

While information about Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah’s specific business ventures and sources of wealth may not be widely available, his accumulated net worth suggests his involvement in various financial investments and assets.

It’s important to note that after the end of his reign, Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah has focused on different activities, including philanthropic endeavors, cultural preservation, and engagement in public events. However, specific details regarding his recent ventures and contributions may vary.

Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah’s net worth highlights his standing as a notable figure in Nepal. While he is primarily known for his role as the former king, his financial achievements reflect his potential involvement in various business ventures and investments.

Richest Person in Nepal 2023 - Top 10 Updated List

Who is the Richest Person in Nepal?

Binod Chaudhary, the sole billionaire in Nepal, holds significant control over CG Corp Global, a conglomerate with diverse business interests. One of his notable assets is a controlling stake in Nepal’s Nabil Bank, a prominent financial institution in the country. Additionally, Chaudhary has a major stake in CG Foods, the manufacturer of the well-known Wai Wai noodles.

Under Chaudhary’s leadership, CG Corp Global has grown into a formidable entity, encompassing various industries such as consumer goods, banking, and finance. His controlling stake in Nabil Bank highlights his influence and presence in the financial sector of Nepal.

Moreover, CG Foods, known for its popular Wai Wai noodles, is another significant asset within Chaudhary’s portfolio. The widespread popularity and success of the brand have contributed to Chaudhary’s wealth and solidified his position as a leading entrepreneur in Nepal.

Binod Chaudhary’s entrepreneurial journey and strategic investments have propelled him to become the sole billionaire in Nepal. Through his control over CG Corp Global, as well as his stakes in Nabil Bank and CG Foods, he has established a prominent presence in key sectors of the country’s economy. His success serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and showcases the potential for growth and prosperity within the Nepalese business landscape.

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