Picture test: Only true cat lovers can find the woman’s cat in the picture within 5 seconds!

There is an adorable little cat hiding in this image. Can you find the cat within 5 seconds? If you are a cat lover then you can.

Saumya Updated: June 6, 2023 20:00 IST

Visual Check - Find the woman's cat in 5 seconds

Visual Check – Find the woman’s cat in 5 seconds

Are you a keen observer? Can you spot something hidden in an image or graphic in a limited amount of time? If so then you are in for a challenge! Today we have a new visual test quiz for you.

The concept is simple: all you have to do is find the hidden item in the photo. Hidden items can range from an inanimate object to animals and people. To solve this particular visual inspection puzzle, we give you 5 seconds. Are you ready for the challenge?

Visual Check – Find the woman’s cat in 5 seconds


Source: Pinterest

Take a close look at the visual inspection image above. You can see an old lady standing in front of your house. The woman can be seen holding a broom and looking for something. Actually, the woman was looking for her cat, which had gone out and was hiding from its owner. Can you recognize the cat in the picture in the given time? People who love adorable cats will be able to solve this picture puzzle quite easily. Let’s find out if you are a cat lover or not.

Grab your phone and set a timer for 5 seconds. Your time starts now. All the best!

If you need a suggestion, here’s one for you. The cat can be found somewhere near its owner.

Only 2% of attentive people can spot the deer hidden in this snow painting within 9 seconds!

Now, stop solving the puzzle after 5 seconds. If you’ve found the cat by then, that’s great. But if not, scroll down to see the solution.

Visual inspection solution

This is a naughty cat. She was there with her owner the whole time. See for yourself:


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You will be very attentive if you can spot the crow hiding from the wolf in the photo within 6 seconds!

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