Picture test: Are you brave enough to spot the ghost in the 19th century painting in 8 seconds? Test your courage!

How brave do you think you are? If you feel the slightest fear then this spooky puzzle is not for you. This visual test puzzle is very different from the ones we have brought you before. Only brave souls can solve this hidden object puzzle. So if you consider yourself brave then stay here and try to solve this puzzle.

Are you ready to get goosebumps? Let’s get started.

Visual Inspection- Detecting ghosts in 19th century paintings


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This photo is a real photo from the 19th century. This photo was taken 200 years ago outside a linen factory in Belfast, Ireland. The photo shows 15 women lining up, wearing office uniforms and posing for the camera. Take a closer look at the photo and you’ll notice something mysterious. You have 8 seconds to spot the ghost in the photo, so set the timer and get started. All the best!

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Visual tests are designed to test your eyesight, observation skills, and attention to detail. Additionally, these brain puzzles are tried and tested to boost mood. You can challenge and improve yourself while having fun along the way. How wonderful!

The time limit has been given for a reason, so make sure you solve this intuitive puzzle within the given time frame.

You’re running out of time. Be quick to spot the ghost. Whenever you’re ready, scroll down to see the solution to this tricky riddle.

Visual inspection solution

The goal of this hidden object puzzle game is to find the ghost in the 19th century photo within 8 seconds. We’re about to reveal the ghost here. Are you ready?

Look at the woman in the far right corner of the photo, second row from the bottom. You will see that there is a hand on her shoulder. However, if you look behind said woman, you will notice that both of the women behind her have their arms crossed. Their arms were folded so that neither of them could place their right hand on the woman’s shoulder. Watch:


There are our ghosts. This photo was not created by AI nor was it photoshopped. Whose hand was placed on the woman’s shoulder, remains a mystery. Do you have any explanation for that? If you do, please let us know about it.

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