Personality test: Forehead shape reveals your hidden personality traits

Forehead shape personality test: According to feng shui, a person’s forehead is considered lucky to have been sent from heaven. A straight, bright, prominent, smooth, round and shiny forehead is a sign of luck, fame, power and health. But did you know that your forehead also reveals your personality traits?

Your face can tell a thousand stories about you. Face reading has been around since the time of Aristotle. In Indian Vedic astrology too, face reading is a part of Samudrik Shashtra Vidya that analyzes your facial features, including your forehead. The shape of your forehead can reveal your hidden personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, nature, thoughts, and behavioral styles.

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Personality Quiz: What does your forehead shape reveal about your personality?

Forehead personality test

#1 Personality trait wide forehead shape

Big forehead personality

If you have a wide forehead, your personality traits will reveal that you like to stay two steps ahead of the crowd. Chances are you’re the alpha on your team. You can be usually calm and serene, however, you have a controlling person within you. You like things going your way. Somehow, people also trust your opinion due to your very wise and intuitive nature. You are also good at giving advice, whether practical or emotional. You have a good balance of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient).

People with wide foreheads like Sonakshi Sinha or Angelina Jolie are said to be curious. As you enjoy the journey, you are also interested in knowing where the road will take you. You are a fast learner. You love to explore new opportunities. Usually, people with large foreheads are among royalty, famous people, successful businessmen, etc. Smile because a large forehead is a sign of abundance and prosperity.

#2 Personality trait narrow forehead shape

Narrow forehead personality

If you have a narrow forehead, your personality traits will reveal that you are sentimental. You can follow your heart more than your head. You may prefer solitude to crowds. However, no matter how emotional you are, don’t let sour circumstances affect you much. You will be busy with creative projects to turn your negative emotions into something wonderful. You can be empathetic and like to help others, but you avoid getting close to people for fear of getting hurt.

People with narrow foreheads like Alia Bhatt love to spread happiness through acts of kindness. You don’t want to attract the public’s attention for charity or a noble cause. You do your work quietly. You also don’t like being judged for your choices. You may seem shy and introverted but you have a knack for living your life your way. You don’t like to live by the standards set by society. You are also a committed partner. You are looking for long term relationships. Your level of commitment also shows in the workplace. You will meet deadlines and get quality work done.

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#3 Personality Traits: Curved forehead shape

Curved forehead personality

If you have a curved forehead, your personality traits will reveal that you are a warm and friendly person. You can be approachable and easy to talk to. There’s something about your personality that lights up any room you walk into. People can find your presence uplifting. One moment you can be completely childish and the next moment you can be the wisest person in the room who knows what to say and when. You are natural-born leaders who have the ability to motivate and inspire others. You are an attractive person.

People with curved foreheads like Deepika Padukone are very calm when handling difficult situations. You may be breaking through inwards, but you will still be graceful in the way you present yourself. You have immense patience and perseverance. However, you can suffer a lot in silence. You value emotions. Being kind is your top priority. Your warm and friendly nature makes you easy to empathize with. You have a profound understanding of the human condition.

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#4 Personality traits of the US-shaped forehead

US-shaped forehead personality

If you have an M-shaped forehead, your personality traits reveal that you are aesthetically pleasing and analytical. One could describe you as the best of both worlds. You like things that give you space to express yourself. You can beautifully combine traditional and modern in one frame. You are poised and refined. You don’t follow the crowd. You like to bring exclusivity to everything you do. For example, you wouldn’t wear something just because everyone else is wearing it. You like to speak in your own style.

People with M-shaped foreheads like Aishwarya Rai possess special construction skills. You can create masterpieces with unique thoughts and ideas from the very beginning. You also don’t cry over spilled milk. If something doesn’t work out, as a precaution, you learn from it and move on to making better choices. However, your anger is something you should watch out for. But the good thing is that you are also forgiving. You don’t waste energy and time holding a grudge.

Do you enjoy reading about your forehead-based personality traits?

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