Optical illusion: You have hawk eyes if you can spot the strange bell pepper in 4 seconds!

Optical illusions: Optical illusions are images that deceive the human mind and eyes. It challenges human perception and tests our observation skills.

Optical illusions are fascinating because they provide insight into how our brains process visual information. Additionally, practicing such challenges enhances cognitive abilities and stimulates the critical thinking process.

The mind-numbing optical illusion puzzle shared below has left netizens scratching their heads. It asks users to find the strange bell pepper in 4 seconds.

It’s truly a mission.

Are you smart enough to recognize it in 4 seconds?

Then let’s get started.

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Optical illusion – Find the strange bell pepper in 4 seconds


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The image shared above is a series of bright red bell peppers.

Hidden among these red bell peppers is a bell pepper that is different from the rest. Your task is to find the strange bell pepper in 4 seconds.

These types of optical illusion challenges are a great way to test your observation skills and intelligence.

They are also a fun and engaging way to pass the time and improve your cognitive abilities.

The task of finding a strange bell pepper in 4 seconds is a difficult one.

Only people with special observation skills can locate the strange bell pepper within a limited time.

The key to finding the strange bell pepper in the photo is to look closely at the image and discover that the bell pepper is different from the rest.

Can you find the strange bell pepper in this photo?

The rush; The clock is ticking fast.

Focus on the image and have a good chance of spotting it.

Any luck?


Every now and then.

How many of you have found strange bell peppers?

We believe that most of our eagle-eyed users have already found the odd bell pepper.

Congratulations to all of you, you have great observation skills.

Now let’s find out where the strange bell pepper is hiding.

Check out the solution below.

Find the strange bell pepper in 4 seconds – Solution

The odd bell pepper can be seen on the right side of the image, while all the other bell peppers have their stems facing the right, the odd bell pepper has their stems facing the left.

Take a look below.


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