Optical illusion: The bride is cold and hides at her own wedding. Discover the hidden bride!

How many weddings have you attended in your life where the bride or groom ran away? Well, here’s a fun challenge for you. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the exciting challenge ahead.

Storytime- Cold Bride!

The wedding is the most important day of our lives. It’s the day when the whole world stops to watch you marry the love of your life. It is an event where all your friends and family are present to celebrate your happiness and bless the couple. Not to be missed, the arrangements, food and oh, the bride’s outfit will then become the talk of the town. While all of this sounds extremely enchanting and exciting, it is often a day filled with both happiness and anxiety for the bride and groom. Hazel, the beautiful bride in our story We are also facing a similar situation. Hazel has always been super excited about her wedding day, ever since she was 7 years old. When all her friends of her age used to play soccer, she often daydreamed about her favorite cartoon character being her husband. When her friends focused on studying, she focused her attention on fictional men. When her friends were confused about choosing the right graduation major, she worried whether she would find her future life partner in her university. Now that she’s 27 years old and about to marry the love of her life, she doesn’t want even a single aspect of her marriage to go wrong. She bought the best designer outfit in town but couldn’t resist altering it to match her dream wedding outfit. The decorations had a strange combination of lilies and roses because she loved roses, and her fiance loved lilies. The color code for guests was also decided in advance. Her jewelry is something that people cannot resist talking about. And oh, the finger licking party is what most of her guests will be at the wedding for. However, despite all of this preparation going exactly as planned, last-minute jitters before walking up to the altar force Hazel to make the big decision to call off the wedding! Yes, you read that right. The best way to cancel a wedding is to hide it from the bride, and that’s what a nervous Hazel does. Now, the groom is waiting for the bride at the altar, but the bride is hiding at her own wedding venue.

Can you find the hidden bride?

Rules of the challenge

Did we tell you that the man in Hazel’s life is super affectionate? Well, he doesn’t know where his bride has hidden, so you have to find the hidden bride in no more than 40 seconds, otherwise the guests will see the groom crying bitterly at the altar. What a sad scenario.

Just set a timer for 40 seconds on your phone. Now let’s start looking for the hidden bride. Stop your hunt as soon as the timer beeps.

Now that you know the rules, you’re ready for the challenge.

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Find the hidden bride in just 40 seconds!


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Can you find the hidden bride?

Yes, the groom found her!


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Oh dear Hazel, look, only your man among many guests can find you. Now that’s what you call a true soul mate! Trust us, there’s nothing to worry about.

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