Optical illusion test: Find the feather duster among the flowers within 15 seconds

This optical illusion puzzle will definitely test your eyesight and patience.

Optical illusions have continued to fascinate people for centuries. They challenge our perception and reveal the complexity of our visual system.

We are forced to classify objects into categories that we already know and that is the main reason why optical illusions trick our brains and make it difficult for us to find hidden objects.

So here is one of the most puzzling and puzzling optical illusion puzzles that will tease your brain, test your eyes and will make it difficult for you to find the furry duster hidden among the spring flowers.

The feather duster is hidden among the flowers, but it’s not as easy to find as you might think.

Flowers come in all different colors and shapes, and they can be quite distracting. But if you take your time and focus, you will be able to find the feather duster.

So, are you ready to spot the hidden feather duster in 15 seconds?

Let’s get started!


Source: Daily Mail

Have you found where the feather duster is hidden?

If not, try again and don’t give up so easily. Maintain your focus on the image.

Hint: Look closely at the flower petals, feather dusters have patterns that are different from spring flowers.

Still can’t find it? Hurry, the clock will go off!

3… 2… and 1

15 seconds have ended!

Have you found the hidden feather duster yet? If yes, you are awesome!

If you don’t find it, that’s okay. You will definitely find it as you speed up and get used to these optical illusions.

So here is the solution to finding the hidden feather duster.

Find hidden furry dusters- Solution

The feather duster is hiding on the right side of the image under the blue flower.


Source: Daily Mail

So, isn’t this optical illusion quite complicated? These challenges are quite fun and there will be more puzzles coming to give you a new challenge for your brain.

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