Optical illusion: Only a genius can spot the woman hidden in the flower in 5 seconds. You can?

Optical illusions: Optical illusions are mind-bending images that challenge perception and test your observation skills. The peculiarity of such illusions is that they deceive our brain.

Optical illusion can be created through a variety of techniques such as perspective, color and contrast, and they often challenge our perception of reality. The most fascinating aspect of optical illusions is that they provide insights into how the brain processes visual information.

Get ready to test your attention span with the challenge given below in which you need to find a hidden woman in 5 seconds.

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Optical illusion – Find the hidden woman in 5 seconds


Source: Johannes Stoetter

Optical illusions are one of the most basic ways to assess a person’s ability to observe and think critically. Although this is considered a simple way to test your intelligence, there are more advanced methods.

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The image shared above depicts a sunflower with a butterfly perched on it.

But are you missing anything?

this is a woman in the photo who is hiding in plain sight. Can you recognize the woman in 5 seconds?

Only people with special observation skills can spot the woman in 5 seconds.

Spotting the woman is difficult because she expertly blends into her surroundings.

Do you recognize that woman?


If you focus a little on the image, you can soon recognize the woman.

Hurry up; The clock is ticking.


Every now and then.

How many of you have successfully spotted the woman?

We believe that some people with excellent observation skills discovered the woman.

Congratulations, you are one of the select few around the world who can spot that woman during that time.

Those who couldn’t spot the woman but tried their best can see the solution below.

Find Hidden Woman in 5 Seconds – Solution

The woman can be seen in the form of a butterfly, which at first glance appears to be a real butterfly. This was done by famous body painting artist Johannes Stoetter.

Have a look here.


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