Optical illusion: Hamster in the supermarket. Can you find it?

Well, we’re back again with another “Find the Hidden Animal” challenge and the animal we chose today is no ordinary animal. All this time, we’ve been talking about cats, both big and small, dogs, giraffes, etc., and agree or not, hamsters may be the most underrated animal of all time. Many people see hamsters and get extremely scared, while others may find them cute for a moment and then continue with their busy days. However, it can be said that not many people actually stop for a moment and truly not only admire but also reflect on the wonderful creatures that the almighty has created. Let’s break down today’s drill. Right now, we will not only present to you a challenge based on hamsters, but we will actually have a discussion about hamsters. We will introduce you to some interesting facts about hamsters that you may not have heard before. These facts are actually enough to spark interest in further research on voles. To start, we will be introduced to five super interesting facts about hamsters. Next, we will encounter a challenge in which you will have to find the guinea pig hidden in the image in no more than 10 seconds. The rules for the challenge will be discussed later. Finally, we will present dessert; two interesting facts about hamsters. Doesn’t sound like a perfect combination, does it? Yes, it certainly is. Are you ready? Let’s start with the first fact about hamsters that you may have never heard of before.

The truth about hamsters!

Fact 1 about hamsters:

As solitary animals, these creatures can become really aggressive towards their territory.

Fact 2 about hamsters:

They are super fast runners. Additionally, they can run both forward and backward.

Fact 3 about hamsters:

These creatures have a full set of teeth as soon as they are born, and they carry that set throughout their lives.

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Wait, did we forget something?

Oh yes, the challenge we promised you. Hey, have you ever gone to a fight without knowing the rules? No right? This is no exception. Continue reading.

Rules of the challenge!

The rules of the challenge are quite simple and easy to understand. Now you have to find the hidden hamster in the picture, it is important to know that you will only have 10 seconds to find the hidden hamster. Wait, who’s going to keep track of the time? Well, we wanted to ask the hamster if he was ready to count for 10 seconds but the hamster was actually hiding and that was the point of the challenge. Can we come to your place now to monitor the time? Okay, that’s also impossible. In case all human abilities are gone, technology will come to the rescue. As part of the challenge, all you have to do is simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Start looking for the hidden guinea pig as soon as the timer starts ticking. Stop looking for the hamster and surrender as soon as the timer on your phone beeps. Aren’t the rules as simple as preparing the noodles?

Challenge: Find the hidden guinea pig in no more than 10 seconds!


Image source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Oh! The timer beeps.

Can you find the hidden guinea pig in time?

Well, whether you nod in agreement or not, scroll down to find out where the hamster actually hid!

This is a hamster!


Image source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Winning or losing in a challenge doesn’t matter; the important thing is to actually enjoy it. As promised, here are the final fun facts about hamsters.

4 facts about hamsters:

Hamsters are actually banned in Hawaii!

5 facts about hamsters:

Some hamsters even inflate their mouths to swim!

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