Optical illusion: Finding the butterfly hidden in the photo is really difficult. Can you do the difficult task?

Every now and then we come up with a fun challenge that helps you test your intelligence and wit. Although these tests are not standardized tests and are only prepared for you to have fun in your busy daily life, our real aim is to provide These tests are difficult but extremely attractive challenges. From time to time, with tricky questions, mathematical puzzles and optical illusion challenges, we aim to help you find balance in your work life and bring at least a few minutes of fun and enjoyment . Don’t miss out, such challenges also benefit you a lot, as they force your mind to think creatively and find solutions to problems in a different way. Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with doing things that take you back to your nostalgic childhood days and bring a bright smile to your face. Why do we say that? Well, at a time when no one ever dreamed of a smartphone, children had very few sources of fun but were extremely engaging. In those days, children did not create their own profiles on social networking applications but played with their peers in the garden all day long. They prefer creating school projects that require them to draw and paint rather than watching animated videos on those glowing screens. At that time, children are often most excited about brain teasers, math riddles, optical illusion challenges, and brain teasers. The excitement one used to have while reading interesting content published in weekly magazines and newspapers kept us waiting for a long time. We aim to bring this trend back and present fun challenges that can remind you of your good childhood days.

Today, we look forward to bringing you an exciting “find the hidden animal” challenge once again. The creature we choose today is a moth and the challenge is going to be super fun. Are you ready?

Hey, before we start the challenge, let’s first discuss something about moths. Why don’t we enter into an agreement?


The deal is quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is find the hidden caterpillar for us in no more than 10 seconds. In return, we will give you some interesting facts about moths that you may not know. Isn’t that an interesting collaboration? We can do anything for our dear readers and therefore, we will start with our part of the deal.

The truth about moths

Fact 1 about moths:

There are more moths in the world than there are butterflies. That’s right, the ratio of moths to butterflies worldwide is 9:1.

Fact 2 about moths:

Moths are nocturnal creatures, but you can also see them flying during the day. That’s right, the creature you mistook that day for a colorless butterfly is actually a moth that is active during the day.

Fact 3 about moths:

Some moths actually have no mouth. Additionally, many species of moths emerge from their cocoons, mate, and then die.

Wait, did we forget something? Oh, the challenge. Here are the rules you may need to know:


The rules of the challenge are quite simple and easy to understand. All you have to do is find the hidden caterpillar in the photo in no more than 10 seconds. Just set a timer on your phone for no more than 10 seconds. Start looking for the hidden butterfly when the timer starts ticking. Simply stop your search when the timer beeps.

Find the hidden caterpillar!


Image source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

This is the butterfly you are looking for.

This is the caterpillar hiding!


Image source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Can you spot the hidden caterpillar? Whether you were successful in finding it or not, we’re sure you had a lot of fun.

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