Optical illusion: Can you spot 218 out of 278 in 5 seconds?

Optical illusions: Illusions trick the human brain and also make our minds think differently. Optical illusion makes our brain and eyes work in tandem, bringing good results to them.

Studies show that regularly practicing optical illusions or similar types of challenges that require people to think logically as well as critically helps improve problem-solving skills.

While you’re starting out, you can try counting How many arrows are there in the picture? in 7 seconds.

Now on to the main challenge.

The challenge given before you is to find the number 218 in the sequence 278.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Let the game begin.

Optical illusion – Find 218 out of 278 in 5 seconds


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The task for you is very simple, all you have to do is find 218 out of 278 in 5 seconds.

Sounds pretty easy, right?

But sometimes such confusing images can make it difficult to find the correct answer.

Do you recognize the number 218?

Hurry up; few seconds left.

Optical illusion is one of the most basic ways to assess a person’s ability to observe and think critically. It brings pure joy and also prevents cognitive decline in adults.

This number can be detected by someone with excellent observation abilities.

The way the numbers are arranged makes it difficult to keep track of 218 out of 278.

The astonishing illusion asks users to find the hidden number 218 in 5 seconds, proving to be an extremely beneficial exercise for the brain.

Have you recognized the number yet?


Focus on the image a little closer and you’ll soon notice it.

Hurry up; The clock is ticking.




Every now and then.

How many of you have successfully discovered the number 218?

We believe some of you have already discovered it.

Congratulations! You are among a select few individuals around the world who have achieved this feat in record time.

Those who cannot see the number 218 should not be discouraged.

You have tried your best.

Now see the solution provided below.

Find Number 218 in 5 Seconds – Solution

The number can be spotted on the right side of the image in the 9th column. It is second from the bottom.


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