Only highly observant people can spot the hidden panda among the pandas in 5 seconds!

IQ tests are often performed to determine whether someone has a high or low intelligence quotient (IQ). The test measures a person’s cognitive abilities, i.e. the ability to solve problems and reason logically. These tests help you determine your true level of intelligence.

There are several types of IQ tests, such as verbal, non-verbal, and comprehensive. These tests are often exhaustive and tedious. They require you to sit and answer hundreds of questions, each of which you must answer honestly. Sounds boring, right? Luckily, there is another fun and interesting way to test your IQ.

Yes, you guessed right. We are talking about brain teasers.

Intelligence tests are perhaps the most fun and engaging way to measure a person’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. and we have one available for you. Are you ready to challenge yourself and have fun along the way?


Brain Teaser- Spot the racoon among the pandas in 5 seconds

Let’s take a closer look at today’s brain-teasing picture puzzle.


Source: Bright Side

As you can see in the image above, a group of pandas are roaming around, looking like a park. If you count the total number of animals in the picture, you will get the number 16. However, in this picture there are only 15 pandas. Maybe we counted wrong? No, I don’t. There are 15 pandas among the 16 animals pictured. The reason there is such a difference in numbers is because there is a raccoon hiding in the group.

The goal of this tricky puzzle is to find the panda among the pandas within the time limit. As you may know, the time for this puzzle is set at 5 seconds. We’re sorry for the limited time, but this puzzle is very easy to solve (only if you are highly observant). Now set your timer to 5 seconds and go, set, go. All the best.

This puzzle is a test of your observation skills and you can easily spot the hidden panda among the pandas in less than 5 seconds if you have good observation skills. Having good observation skills in today’s world is really important. It is important to pay attention and observe everything that is going on around you, otherwise you will be called ignorant or careless.

Here’s another observation test for you:

Only sharp-eyed people can spot the dog’s missing bone in the fire in 6 seconds! Try this puzzle and we assure you that you will not solve it within the given time.

Anyway, back to today’s brain teaser. Have you found the racoon yet? If not, take a deep breath, clear your head and try again. We believe the clock is running out. Hurry up.



And 1.

Every now and then. Can you find the panda among the pandas in 5 seconds? If that’s you, congratulations. You really have great observation skills. Scroll down to find the solution.

Brain teasing solution

In this brain-stimulating picture puzzle, you have to find the hidden panda among the pandas within 5 seconds. Here’s the naughty panda:


Source: Bright Side

Did you have fun solving this intellectual puzzle with us? If you did then you must try what we are suggesting here:

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