Only an extremely intelligent person could spot an error in a street photo from the 1920s in 5 seconds!

If you consider yourself to be highly observant and can notice things that aren’t right, then you’ve come to the right place. Discovering this 20th-century brain-teasing mistake will make your brain hurt. The problem we give you today is designed to test your general awareness and logic skills. This puzzle can only be solved by people with sharp brains. So are you ready to solve a brain-busting puzzle that will give you a headache? We hope you are, because here we go.

Brain Teaser- Detect errors in 5 seconds


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This picture was created by ETW Dennis, a British printing and publishing company, between the 19th and 20th centuries. The company was one of the main manufacturers of these games, created for the purpose of only entertainment. Among the games, logic games and intellectual puzzles are the most popular. People love picture puzzles that ask them to spot the error(s) in them. Most of these puzzles are quite easy to solve, while many require expertise in a certain area of ​​interest.

This puzzle belongs to the old category. You don’t have to be an expert to spot the mistake in this brain teaser photo. Observe the image carefully and analyze all its components, then you will be able to solve the puzzle immediately.

You know you only have 5 seconds to solve this problem, so don’t waste even a second. When time runs out, just scroll down and see the solution.

Before scrolling down to see the solution, try your hand at this extremely difficult puzzle that only a few people can solve.

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Brain teasing solution

The purpose of this brain game is to test your observation skills by finding errors in a street painting within 5 seconds. Here is the solution:

  • The color scheme of the traffic lights is wrong. From top to bottom, the traffic light colors will be red, yellow and green. However, the colors of the traffic lights in the photo are not in the correct order. So that was wrong.


Solving brain puzzles like these can significantly improve your memory, logic and reasoning abilities, observation skills, and overall cognitive abilities. In simpler words, these online quizzes if solved regularly can make you smarter. So, make sure you solve the daily puzzles. How do you like it? Spot the wrong quiz? If you have done so then you can also try the method we suggest below:

You are a real genius if you can find the bee hidden in the girl’s bedroom within 5 seconds.

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