Observability test: Find 3 differences between cowboy photos within 11 seconds.

There are several methods to improve general cognitive skills such as exercise and puzzle solving. Exercise can make you tired at times; but solving puzzles will never become monotonous.

If you really want to improve your observational skills and attention to detail, you should tackle at least one difference challenge per day. These quizzes test your eyesight by asking you to discover the difference between two almost identical pictures. If you want to see how good your abilities are, play the spot the difference game we present to you today. Start.

Find 3 differences in 11 seconds


Source: Ganadaksha

The image above is of a cowboy. The two cowboy images are almost identical and seemingly indistinguishable, but if you look closer, you’ll find three differences between them. You are responsible for finding the difference between the two pictures. Oh, and you only have 11 seconds to find it. All the best.

Remember, 11 seconds and no more.

If you can’t identify the difference, don’t worry because we are about to give you the solution to this difference puzzle. Scroll down to see it.

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Find different solutions

Here are the differences between the two cowboy photos. See them for yourself:


Source: Ganadaksha

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