Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 – Top 10 (with Dates)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023

Looking into the year 2023, we can expect a plethora of holidays that are celebrated with much fervor and enthusiasm across the globe. From colorful festivals to solemn religious observances, these holidays bring people together, celebrate cultural diversity, and provide us with an opportunity to take a break from our daily routine and revel in the joys of life. Some of the most celebrated holidays in the world that you simply cannot afford to miss in 2023 include Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, Eid al-Fitr, Diwali, and Thanksgiving, among others. These holidays are more than just days off from work or school, they are an opportunity to connect with loved ones, indulge in delicious food, and immerse ourselves in the rich cultural traditions of our global community.

Whether you are a traveler who enjoys exploring new cultures, a foodie who loves trying out new cuisines, or simply someone who cherishes spending time with family and friends, these holidays have something for everyone. So why not mark your calendars now and start planning ahead to make the most of these unforgettable celebrations in 2023? Join the millions of people across the globe who will be celebrating these holidays with much fanfare, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. So dive into this article and immerse yourself in the joy and festivity of the top 10 most celebrated holidays in the world in 2023!

Top 10 Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023

There are certain holidays that stand out as the most widely celebrated and eagerly anticipated events around the world. From religious observances to cultural festivals, these top 10 holidays bring people together in a shared spirit of joy, gratitude, and celebration. From colorful parades to religious ceremonies, these holidays are not only fun but also steeped in rich cultural traditions that will leave you in awe. Have a read!

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Most Celebrated Holidays In The World

Date of Celebration



December 25, 2023



December 7 – December 15, 2023


New Year

January 1, 2023


Chinese New Year

January 22, 2023


Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

April 22, 2023



April 9, 2023


Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2023



November 9 – November 14, 2023



October 31, 2023


Bodhi Day

December 8, 2023

1. Christmas (December 25, 2023) 

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with joy, laughter, and a whole lot of cheer! It’s the season of giving, love, and gratitude, where people come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. From the twinkling lights that adorn the streets and houses to the jingle bells that ring throughout the day, there’s a sense of magic and excitement that fills the air. It’s the perfect time to snuggle up by the fireplace with a warm cup of cocoa, sing carols with loved ones, and exchange gifts with family and friends.

One of the most cherished traditions of Christmas is the act of giving. It’s a time when people show their appreciation and love for one another by exchanging thoughtful gifts. From beautifully wrapped presents under the tree to heartfelt cards and letters, the act of giving is what makes Christmas truly special. And let’s not forget about the food! Christmas is a time when we indulge in delicious treats, from festive cookies and cakes to traditional meals like roasted turkey and ham. It’s a time to gather around the table with loved ones and share in the warmth and comfort of good food and great company. Whether you celebrate Christmas for religious or cultural reasons, it’s a time when people come together to spread kindness and joy. It’s a season that reminds us of the importance of gratitude, love, and compassion and encourages us to cherish the moments we have with those we hold dear.

2. Hanukkah (December 7 – December 15, 2023)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights! It’s a magical and festive time of year for Jewish families all around the world, filled with candles, games, and tasty treats. The story of Hanukkah dates back over 2,000 years when the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was reclaimed by the Greeks. According to legend, there was only enough oil to keep the menorah burning for one day, but a miracle occurred and the oil lasted for eight whole days! Can you imagine that? Eight days of pure light, joy, and celebration!

Speaking of light, the menorah is a central part of the Hanukkah celebration. Each night, a new candle is lit, bringing a little more light into the world. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and it’s no wonder that so many people display their menorahs in their windows for all to see. But Hanukkah isn’t just about candles – it’s also about playing games! The dreidel game is a classic Hanukkah tradition, and it’s so much fun. Spin the top and see where it lands – will you get gimel, hey, shin, or nun? It’s a game of luck and strategy, and it’s perfect for players of all ages.

Of course, no Hanukkah celebration would be complete without some delicious food! Latkes, also known as potato pancakes, are a Hanukkah staple. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and topped with applesauce or sour cream – they’re absolutely delicious. And let’s not forget about sufganiyot, jelly-filled donuts that are so tasty you won’t be able to eat just one. Hanukkah is a festive and joyous time of year. It’s a time to come together with family and friends, share in delicious food and fun games, and celebrate the miracle of light that has been passed down through generations. Whether you’re Jewish or not, Hanukkah is a holiday that is sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

3. New Year (January 1, 2023)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

The New Year’s Day Festival is a highly anticipated occasion that is celebrated worldwide with great fervor. It’s a time for people to come together, reflects on the past year, and set intentions for the coming one. The festival is a perfect opportunity to take stock of one’s accomplishments and failures and make resolutions for self-improvement. People engage in various rituals, traditions, and customs to mark the occasion, and the celebrations usually begin on New Year’s Eve with parties, fireworks displays, and countdowns.

As the clock strikes midnight, people cheer and embrace each other, signaling the start of a new chapter. Some cultures exchange gifts or share special foods on this day, while others attend parades or enjoy special meals with family and friends. The New Year’s Day Festival is a time of renewal, hope, and optimism, reminding us of the endless possibilities that lie ahead. It’s an occasion to let go of the past and embrace new beginnings and welcome the coming year with open arms. Whether you prefer to celebrate in a grand manner or with a simple gathering of loved ones, the New Year’s Day Festival is a wonderful opportunity to pause, reflect, and look forward to the future with enthusiasm.

4. Chinese New Year (January 22, 2023)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a vibrant and joyous celebration that marks the beginning of the new lunar year. It is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, not just in China but in many other countries as well. The festival lasts for 15 days, starting on the first day of the lunar new year, and is steeped in rich tradition and symbolism. One of the most exciting aspects of the Chinese New Year is the vibrant displays of red and gold decorations that adorn homes and public spaces. Families gather for elaborate feasts, exchange gifts, and watch spectacular fireworks displays that light up the night sky. Traditional lion and dragon dance performances take place in the streets, accompanied by thundering drumbeats and symbolizing the triumph of good over evil.

5. Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr (April 22, 2023)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, is an absolutely incredible time! It’s a month full of blessings, reflection, and spiritual rejuvenation for Muslims around the world. Can you imagine fasting from dawn until sunset for an entire month? That’s what millions of Muslims do during Ramadan, abstaining not just from food and drink but also from negative thoughts and actions. It’s a time to focus on self-improvement, empathy, and compassion for others.And when Ramadan finally draws to a close, it’s time for Eid al-Fitr, a joyous celebration that lasts for three whole days! Muslims all over the world wear new clothes, exchange gifts, and share delicious meals. The day starts with a special prayer called the Eid prayer, followed by a sermon, and then it’s time to get the party started. Visiting family and friends, sharing sweets and treats, and taking part in festive activities are all part of the fun during Eid al-Fitr. It’s a time to give thanks to Allah for the blessings of Ramadan and to spend time with those who matter most.

6. Easter (April 9, 2023)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Easter is a major Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is a time of hope and renewal, as Christians around the world reflect on the significance of Christ’s sacrifice and the promise of eternal life. Easter is marked by religious observances, such as church services and the lighting of candles, as well as by secular traditions, such as Easter egg hunts and the exchange of chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Easter is a time for families to come together and celebrate, with special meals and gatherings. Easter baskets filled with candies and small gifts are exchanged, and children participate in Easter egg decorating and hunting activities. The holiday also marks the start of spring in many parts of the world, with flowers blooming and trees budding, adding to the festive atmosphere of hope and renewal.

7. Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2023)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, the day when couples around the world celebrate their love for each other. It is a day of flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners, and heartfelt expressions of love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th every year, and it is a day to remind us of the importance of love in our lives. On Valentine’s Day, couples exchange gifts, cards, and messages of love, while singles gather to celebrate their freedom and independence. It is a day to show appreciation for the people we love and cherish and to express our affection in creative and meaningful ways. The origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to ancient Rome, where the festival of Lupercalia was celebrated as a fertility rite. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world as a day of love and romance, and it continues to hold a special place in our hearts.

8. Diwali (November 9 – November 14, 2023)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in India and around the world. It is a time of great joy and festivity when families and friends gather to light lamps, exchange gifts, and enjoy delicious food.

Diwali is celebrated over five days, with each day holding a special significance and meaning. The festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. It is a time to celebrate the triumph of good and to seek blessings for a prosperous and fulfilling life.

During Diwali, homes and public spaces are decorated with colorful lights and intricate rangoli designs, and people light diyas and candles to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi. The festival is also marked by fireworks displays, cultural performances, and feasting on delicious traditional sweets and savories.

Diwali is a time to come together, celebrate the joys of life, and to spread love and positivity. It is a celebration of the richness and diversity of Indian culture, and a time to cherish the bonds of family and community.

9. Halloween (October 31, 2023)

Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Halloween is a holiday that needs no introduction. It is a day when people around the world dress up in spooky costumes, carve pumpkins, and go trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods. It is a time when the veil between the living and the dead is said to be thinnest, and when we embrace our fears and indulge in a little bit of fun and mischief.

Halloween has its origins in ancient Celtic traditions, where it was celebrated as the festival of Samhain, marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Today, Halloween is celebrated in many countries around the world as a day of spooky fun, with haunted houses, scary movies, and ghost stories galore.

Children and adults alike look forward to Halloween every year, as they plan their costumes and prepare for a night of trick-or-treating. It is a time to let loose and indulge in a little bit of fun and fantasy, as we embrace the spooky spirit of the holiday.

10. Bodhi Day (December 8, 2023)


Most Celebrated Holidays In The World 2023 - Top 10 (with Dates)

Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday that celebrates the day when the Buddha achieved enlightenment, more than 2,500 years ago. It is a time to reflect on the Buddha’s teachings and to renew our commitment to following the path of wisdom, compassion, and inner peace. Bodhi Day is celebrated on December 8th every year, and it is a time for meditation, contemplation, and spiritual reflection. Buddhists around the world mark the occasion by lighting candles, offering incense, and chanting mantras, as they seek to deepen their understanding of the teachings of the Buddha.

The story of the Buddha’s enlightenment is a powerful one, and it continues to inspire people around the world to this day. According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha sat under a Bodhi tree, and after many days of meditation, he finally attained enlightenment or Nirvana. Bodhi Day is a time to honor the Buddha’s teachings and to seek to embody them in our daily lives. It is a time to reflect on the nature of reality, and to cultivate wisdom and compassion, as we seek to free ourselves from the cycle of suffering.

In many Buddhist communities, Bodhi Day is celebrated with meditation retreats, Dharma talks, and special services at temples and monasteries. It is a time to come together as a community, support each other in our spiritual practice, and renew our commitment to living with mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom.


Which is the Biggest Holiday Around the World?

Christmas is undoubtedly the biggest holiday celebrated around the world. It is a time of joy, merriment, and festivity when people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is not just a religious holiday, but a cultural phenomenon that has become an integral part of our modern world. Whether you are Christian or not, the festive spirit of Christmas is something that we can all enjoy and appreciate.

The holiday season begins with the Advent season, four weeks before Christmas Day when people light Advent candles and prepare for the coming of Christ. The excitement builds as we approach December 25th, with people decorating their homes, baking Christmas cookies, and shopping for gifts for their loved ones. On Christmas Day, families and friends gather to exchange gifts, enjoy a special meal together, and share in the joy and magic of the season. Whether it’s attending a Christmas church service, singing carols, or watching a Christmas movie, there are countless ways to celebrate the holiday and create lasting memories with our loved ones.

But Christmas is not just about presents and parties. It is also a time to reflect on the values of love, generosity, and compassion, and to give back to those in need. Many people around the world use the holiday season as an opportunity to volunteer at a homeless shelter, donate to a charity, or simply spread kindness and goodwill to those around them. In short, Christmas is a holiday that brings people together, regardless of their background or beliefs. It is a time to celebrate the joys of life, cherish the bonds of family and community, and embrace the spirit of love and generosity that defines the holiday season. So, let us come together this Christmas, and celebrate the greatest holiday of them all!

What are the Traditional Holiday Foods Enjoyed Around the World?

Food is an integral part of any holiday celebration, and each holiday has its own unique culinary traditions that make the occasion even more special. From traditional Christmas feasts to mouth-watering Diwali sweets, let’s take a look at some of the delicious holiday foods that people around the world look forward to every year.

1. Christmas: Christmas is synonymous with festive food, from roast turkey to gingerbread cookies. Traditional Christmas foods vary from country to country, but some popular treats include eggnog, fruitcake, mince pies, and Christmas pudding.

2. Hanukkah: Hanukkah is known as the festival of lights, and traditional foods such as latkes (potato pancakes), sufganiyot (jelly-filled doughnuts), and brisket are often served during the holiday.

3. New Year: In many countries, New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate with food and drink. From Champagne and caviar to black-eyed peas and cornbread, there are many traditional New Year’s foods that people enjoy around the world.

4. Chinese New Year: Chinese New Year is celebrated with a variety of delicious foods, including dumplings, spring rolls, and fish, which symbolize prosperity and good luck.

5. Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr: During Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day and break their fast with a meal called iftar. Traditional iftar foods include dates, lentil soup, and samosas. Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, is celebrated with sweet treats such as baklava, kunafa, and sheer khurma.

6. Easter: Easter is a time for indulging in sweet treats such as chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, and simnel cake. Traditional Easter meals often include roasted lamb or ham.

7. Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and what better way to celebrate than with sweet treats such as chocolate truffles, heart-shaped cookies, and red velvet cake.

8. Diwali: Diwali is known as the festival of lights, and traditional sweets such as laddoo, gulab jamun, and barfi are often enjoyed during the holiday.

9. Halloween: Halloween is a time for spooky treats such as candy corn, caramel apples, and pumpkin pie. Many people also enjoy making Halloween-themed snacks such as mummy hot dogs and spiderweb cupcakes.

10. Bodhi Day: Bodhi Day is celebrated with vegetarian meals such as rice, vegetables, and tofu, as Buddhists often refrain from eating meat. Sweet treats such as rice pudding are also enjoyed during the holiday.

In conclusion, holiday foods are an important part of our celebrations, bringing families and friends together to enjoy traditional dishes and sweet treats. Whether it’s Christmas ham or Diwali ladoo, these foods represent our cultural heritage and add to the joy and excitement of our holiday celebrations. So, let’s savor every bite and embrace the delicious diversity of our world’s holiday cuisines!

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