Let’s talk about a rare wildflower, the Kelso Creek Monkeyflower.

The world is full of surprises, and one of them is the rare wildflower Kelso Creek Monkeyflower. Mimulus shevockii, also known as Kelso Creek monkey flower. is actually a rare species of monkey flower. This species is native to the southern Sierra Nevada, Kern County, California. Beautiful wildflowers grow in Joshua tree forests and alluvial soils in the drylands. This species is an annual herbaceous plant. It is about 10 cm tall, has a thin, red stem. Oval leaves can be about 1 cm long.

The base of the flower is usually tubular and surrounded by red sepals. One can also find a narrow tubular throat in the flower and a wider face that can be about a centimeter long. The flower’s corolla is divided into a chestnut upper lip and a wider yellow lower lip. Occasionally, the plant can hybridize with Mimulus Andronicus.

Spend Mimulus
Family Phrymaceae family
Type angiosperms
Plant group dicot

A few things about Genus Mimulus

The name “Mimulus” is derived from the ancient Greek term “mimo”. The meaning of the term “mimo” is ape. Many people believe that the flowers of such plants look like monkey faces. Some botanists also say that the name of these plants actually comes from the Greek term “memo” which means “imitator”.

The tree is endemic to North America. This plant can be found in a multitude of habitats and can be found from northern Mexico to California, along with western Canada.

Humid areas are best suited, but the plant can also adapt very well to dryer environments.

Initially, the genus was placed in the family Scrophulariaceae. After a while, the tree was classified into the Phrymaceae family. This family includes mainly shrubs and herbaceous plants.

There are a total of seven species that are part of this genus. Two of these species belong to North America. The remaining species are endemic to Madagascar, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Some varieties of this species are grown for ornamental purposes. It is interesting to note that the Highland Red variety has been awarded the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.

According to reports, Mimulus does not contain toxic effects. This species is kept safe not only for humans but also for animals.

Most Mimulus species are edible. The complete plant is safe for consumption. However, the plant is often too bitter to eat, especially if you eat it raw. The leaves of this species are often used in salads.

The Mimulus plant was once used by Native Americans as a salt substitute for meat. The plant has large concentrations of salts including sodium chloride.

Today, this plant is produced for use in homeopathic treatments as it is considered helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety.

This plant was also commonly used medicinally by Native Americans as it was believed to have medicinal properties. It has also been made for use as an ointment for wounds.

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