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Josh Kiszka Height How Tall is Josh Kiszka?

Do you want to know the height of Josh Kiszka? Then read this article and get the exact information about Josh Kiszka’s height. Josh Kiszka is a singer born on April 23, 1996. Recently we could see fans searching for Josh Kiszka’s height; We have the answer for the same.

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Now fans could see just how tall Josh Kiszka is. To know more about Josh Kiszka’s biography, check out the table below.


Josh Kiszka




April 23, 1996

place of birth

Frankenmuth, Michigan, United States

Age (as of 2023)

27 years old




65 kg (143 lb)



Who is Josh Kiszka?

Josh Kiszka is an emerging rock music artist known for his dynamic vocal abilities and his role as the lead singer of the American rock band Greta Van Fleet. Born on April 23, 1996 in Frankenmuth, Michigan, Kiszka has become a leading figure on the contemporary rock scene, drawing comparisons to legendary rock icons like Robert Plant due to his powerful and captivating singing style.

Kiszka’s musical journey began at a young age, and he was joined by his twin brother Jake Kiszka on guitar, younger brother Sam Kiszka on bass, and childhood friend Danny Wagner on drums to form Greta Van Fleet. The band’s sound is often characterized by its nostalgic homage to classic rock, evoking the spirit of Led Zeppelin and other iconic ’70s rock groups.

Josh Kiszka’s voice is a prominent feature of Greta Van Fleet’s music. His ability to hit high notes and convey raw emotion has earned him wide recognition and critical acclaim. His vocal range and stage presence have made him an influential figure in the revival of classic rock sounds in modern music.

Greta Van Fleet’s debut album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” (2018), catapulted the band to international fame, and Josh Kiszka’s vocals were at the forefront of the band’s success. With hits like “Highway Tune” and “Safari Song,” the band quickly garnered a dedicated fan base and received Grammy Award nominations.

As a leader, Josh Kiszka embodies the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, and his passion for music is palpable in every performance. He and Greta Van Fleet have breathed new life into the rock genre, and their journey continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

Real name Josh Kiszka
Profession Singer
Zodiac sign Taurus
sexual orientation Homosexuals
Hair color Dark brown
eye color Dark brown

Josh Kiszka’s age

Josh Kiszka is 27 years old. He was born on April 23, 1996 in Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA. Known as “Michigan’s Little Bavaria,” Frankenmuth is a quaint city in the state of Michigan known for its unique Bavarian-inspired architecture and culture.

Josh Kiszka’s birthplace in Frankenmuth is important because it is where he spent his formative years and began his musical journey. Along with his twin brother Jake Kiszka and his younger brother Sam Kiszka, Josh co-founded the rock band Greta Van Fleet, which has garnered international acclaim for its classic rock-inspired sound.

As he turns 20 in 2023, Josh Kiszka remains a central figure in the world of rock music. His powerful voice, his charismatic stage presence and his contribution to the success of Greta Van Fleet have solidified his position as one of the leading voices in contemporary rock. His age means he is still in the prime of his musical career, with the potential for further achievement and lasting influence in the music industry.

Josh Kiszka Height and Weight

Josh Kiszka, the lead singer of Greta Van Fleet, has a height of 167 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 6 inches) and maintains a weight of around 65 kilograms, which is equal to 143 pounds. These physical measurements reflect his relatively average height for a male individual.

Kiszka’s height of 167 cm puts him within the average height range for men, and he is neither particularly tall nor particularly short. This height allows him to have a comfortable and easy stage presence, which is often in contrast to his powerful and commanding vocal performances.

His weight of 65 kilograms aligns with maintaining a healthy and proportionate physique. This is an ideal weight for a person of his height, ensuring that he remains physically fit and able to withstand the rigors of performing on stage and touring.

While Josh Kiszka may not be the tallest figure in the music industry, his physical stature is secondary to his immense vocal talent and stage charisma, which have propelled Greta Van Fleet to the forefront of contemporary rock music.

Josh Kiszka Nationality

Josh Kiszka is an American musician by nationality. He was born on April 23, 1996 in Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA, making him a native of the United States. As an American artist, he represents his country’s rich musical heritage, and his music has contributed to the diverse landscape of American rock and roll.

Growing up in Michigan, Josh Kiszka was exposed to the cultural and musical influences that have shaped American rock music for decades. His American nationality reflects his connection to this musical tradition and the vibrant rock scene in the United States.

As the lead singer of Greta Van Fleet, a band that has garnered international attention and acclaim, Josh Kiszka has become a symbol of the American rock revival. His voice and his music resonate with audiences both in the United States and around the world, and his contributions to the contemporary music scene are a testament to the enduring legacy of American rock and roll.


Josh Kiszka is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the American rock band Greta Van Fleet. He is known for his powerful voice and blues-inspired guitar playing.

Kiszka was born in Frankenmuth, Michigan in 1996. He began playing the guitar at the age of 12 and began writing songs with his brothers Jake and Sam. The three brothers formed Greta Van Fleet in 2012.

Greta Van Fleet released her debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, in 2018. The album was a critical and commercial success, and helped launch the band’s career. Kiszka’s voice was praised by critics and he was compared to legendary rock singers such as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Greta Van Fleet has released two more albums, The Battle at Garden’s Gate (2021) and Human (2023). The band has toured extensively and has become one of the most popular rock bands in the world.

Kiszka is a talented musician who has helped revive the classic rock sound. He is a powerful vocalist and a talented guitarist, and he is sure to have a long and successful career.

Here are some of the highlights of Josh Kiszka’s career:

  • Lead vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Greta Van Fleet.
  • He helped revive the sound of classic rock.
  • Praised by critics for his powerful voice.
  • Compared to legendary rock singers like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.
  • He released three studio albums with Greta Van Fleet.
  • He toured extensively with Greta Van Fleet
  • He helped make Greta Van Fleet one of the most popular rock bands in the world.

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