Introversion: Choose a career based on your dominant personality traits

It is estimated that every 4 people in the world are introverts. This is a personality type that emerged in the 1920s. According to famous psychologist Carl Jung, introverts are people who tend to like peace and solitude, while extroverts seek social interaction. . As the terms suggest, introverts meet their energy needs from within, while extroverts look to external factors to do the same.

This type of personality classification has recently become popular with increasing awareness among people. Everyone wants to know more about themselves. And it’s also very necessary. Your choices, decisions, and character are all tied to your personality. It’s important to know what personality type you are in order to make wise decisions in life. Let’s dive in to check if you’re an introvert and look at some suitable career options.

Who is an introvert? Outstanding personality traits

Introverts are quiet, reserved, and seek solitude to recharge their batteries. Here are the most common signs of introversion. Read carefully to check if you are an introvert or not.

  • Need silence to concentrate
  • Introvert
  • Have self-awareness and thinking
  • Take time to make a decision
  • Comfortable being alone
  • Doesn’t like being in groups
  • Prefer writing to speaking
  • Feeling exhausted after being in a crowd
  • Has few but close friends
  • Daydream a lot or use your imagination to solve problems
  • Retreat into their own mind to recharge

If you prefer reading alone on the weekends instead of going for long walks or visiting nightclubs with friends, you may be an introvert.

Outstanding characteristics of introverts

  • Creative
  • empathetic
  • Patience
  • Perception
  • Smart
  • Thoughtful
  • Loyalty
  • Self-awareness
  • Meticulous
  • Take care of

5 best career options for introverts

1. Writer

It is very rare for an introvert to not read or write. After all, there’s not much you can do when you’re alone. Introverts have a penchant for writing and possess a good vocabulary thanks to the many books they read. Therefore, writing is very suitable for introverts. It doesn’t require too much social interaction and provides lots of alone time. Writing doesn’t just mean writing books, you can also write short forms, like reviews, taglines, or product descriptions. You can write short stories, poetry, plays, blogs, news, and resumes. The opportunities for a writing career are endless.

2. Artist

Most introverts are also quite creative and artistic. There is no shortage of good and rewarding careers in the art world. You can be a graphic designer, architect, poster maker, painter, UX designer, graffiti artist, etc. You don’t necessarily need to have good drawing or painting skills to be successful with as a designer. Nowadays, your imagination is enough. You can use online tools and software to create designs, layouts, images, house plans, etc.

3. Programmer

If you love computers and not people, then the software and IT industry is your best bet for a suitable career. Software professionals must have good mathematical knowledge and have superior critical thinking abilities. The job of most software developers is to identify and solve problems. They also don’t talk too much to others and work best when alone. However, you will need to develop a passion for coding because it is a necessary foundation for most programming jobs.

4. Accounting

People who have an analytical mind but enjoy crunching numbers instead of running code should pursue a career in accounting. Expert knowledge of finance, statistics and mathematics is a prerequisite for an accounting job, especially high-end jobs. It’s one of the most lucrative careers in the world and offers everything introverts need: alone time, complex challenges, and limited interaction.

5. Social media manager

Creativity is one of the key traits of introverts, and it manifests itself in many different forms. Some are artistic, some write well, others have sharp tongues. If you have it all together, you should become a social media manager. While it may seem intimidating at first, social media managers create campaigns, assist with marketing, and run their clients’ social media handles, all from behind the computer. You don’t need to interact with people in person but with followers and customers online. Introverts have trouble with real people but can use their deep knowledge, patience, and sensitivity to succeed in a marketing or social media job.

In short

Introverts are good at a lot of things, including things you might not associate with their nature, like communication, humor, and thrill-seeking. However, they work at their own pace and need a stimulation-free environment to concentrate. Introverts’ energy is depleted by social interactions, and they need time alone to recharge. Jobs that are fun, challenging, and have little social interaction are best suited to introverts.

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