International Cat Day 2023: Dates, History, Meaning and More

International Cat Day 2023: International Cat Day, also known as World Cat Day, is celebrated every year on August 8. The International Cat Day 2023 not only celebrates the relationships and friendships that humans share with each other. cats but also care and provide for their safety. Cat Day was established in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to appreciate and honor cats. International Cat Day 2023 celebrates one of mankind’s oldest and cutest feline friends who make us laugh with their funny and adorable acts. To pay tribute to furry little friends, the International Day of Cat Skin 2023:y is celebrated with great enthusiasm everywhere. On International Cat Day 2023, learn more about the day from below.

International Cat Day: History

For years, scientists have been trying to solve the mystery of where cats evolved. According to some sources, a wildcat was buried near the body of a person who lived about 9,500 years ago. From there, it became known that humans might have a relationship with this four-legged cat. According to some scientists, cat ownership may have originated in central China about 5,500 years ago.

Some scientists say that farming or farming has been practiced since ancient times. So, with an agricultural surplus of grain rodents appearing and to combat rodent infestation, farmers began domesticating wildcats. And over the years, these feral cats have evolved.

According to another source, the ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to domesticate cats living about 4,000 years ago. Cats are nurtured, they help keep away pests, rodents and help humans survive properly.

Originally, International Cat Day was established in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to support cat day.

Why is International Cat Day celebrated?

International Cat Day is celebrated every year to promote cat adoption, celebrate and celebrate their companionship, and create a welcoming environment for them. In addition, the day advocates responsible pet ownership and promotes spaying and spaying to control stray populations.

How is International Cat Day celebrated?

People posted some cat videos and clicked on cute pictures of cats that went viral online. Cat lovers also share videos of their cats to attract other cat lovers. Cats are the most popular pet that attracts the attention of pet lovers online. Cute pictures of cats are available in most stores and the Internet. People visit a cat cafe, donate to a cat charity, provide a local animal cat shelter, etc. Various types of cats are Tonkinese, Turkish Van, Himalayan, American Shorthair, Burmilla, Russian Blue, Nebelung, Turkish Angora, Scottish Fold, Siberian, Bengal, Maine Coon, etc

Some countries celebrate International Cat Day on different dates. Russia celebrates International Cat Day on March 1, the United States celebrates it on October 29, etc. The Global Ecological Network reports that there are around 600 million small cats in the world. There are an estimated 100 million feral cats.

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