Google IO 2023: Watch Here Keynote Highlights, Latest Smartphones and Other Product Launches

Much to the excitement of its fans, search engine giant Google made not one but numerous exciting announcements during its developer conference on the occasion of Google I/O keynote day. announcements include statements about a myriad of recent and upcoming things the company is working on.

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Here are all the Google I/O 2023 Highlights so you don’t miss anything important. Continue reading.

A smarter Bard for you all

Today, we’re eliminating the waitlist process and making Bard available in more than 180 countries and territories, with more coming soon. 🎉#GoogleIO

– Google Google)
May 10, 2023

Starting the list with this is nothing less than a perfect idea. Search engine giant Google wanted to get creative with Bard and not only make it available in English in around 180 countries and territories around the world but also made a breakthrough by releasing support for English. Korean and Japanese. The goal is to support 40 languages ​​in the coming future.

Additionally, Bard has a brand new ability to display images in Bard’s responses. Not to miss, Google is also joining hands with Adobe for some artwork creation capabilities through Bard. According to some reports, Bard users will be able to create images through Firefly. They can then modify them with the help of Express. Users will be able to choose from templates, stock images, samples, and other assets in Bard from the Express library.

Bard will soon become more intuitive in a number of useful ways. #GoogleIO

1️⃣ Bard will incorporate relevant images into his answer. ↓

– Google Google)
May 10, 2023

2️⃣ We’ll also make it easy for you to remind Bard with pictures, giving you even more ways to explore and create. #GoogleIO

– Google Google)
May 10, 2023

These days, AI is impacting almost everything, and Google’s Workspace suite is no exception. With AI hitting Google’s Workspace suite, we can expect a smarter user experience, along with the ease of creating automated tables (no formulas) in Sheets. Users can also look forward to creating visuals in Meet and Slides. However, automated tables are simpler for beginners, but many technology reviewers and writers say that there is more to come regarding AI-generated formulas. Brand new features for Meet and Slides will incorporate the intuitive typing capabilities people expect, with the rest of the work handled by AI; In simpler words, AI will create that image. For Google Meet, this can also mean custom backgrounds.

Google’s latest Large Language Model (LLM) is one of the most exciting features coming soon. PaLM 2 will support Open AI’s ChatGPT competitor, Google’s updated Bard chat engine. PaLM 2 will act as the foundational model for most of the brand new AI features Google has announced. PaLM 2 also brings enhanced support for debugging and coding.

Google’s Firebase, the backend services platform for app developers, is coming with some exciting new features. These features include the addition of AI extensions that support Google’s PaLM API. Furthermore, the Firebase extensions market is also opening up to more developers.

Health connection

The platform that uses Google’s health data storage may currently be in Beta. However, one can expect Health Connect on Android and other mobile devices later this year.

Google map

The new “Immersive View of Routes” feature has been launched by Google Maps in select cities. The new feature is designed to provide all the information a user could ask for in one place. Such information will include details regarding bike lanes, parking, intersections, traffic simulation, etc.

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Google’s brand new experimental AI engine, MusicLM has the ability to turn text into music. For example, you can type in “soulful music for afternoon lunch” and the tool will easily generate countless versions of the song.


Codey is Google’s brand new code generation and code completion tool. Codey is one of the AI-based encryption tools. This tool is capable of handling encryption-related prompts.

Magic Compose and Magic Editor

For complex edits in selected parts of a photo, the AI-powered Google Magic Editor may be the best innovation yet. Users can now fill in the gaps in the foreground and background of a photo. Plus, repositioning your subject for a beautifully framed photo is now easier than ever.

The new feature Magic Compose is also an interesting feature that helps users rewrite text in interesting styles in messages and chats. For example, this feature has the ability to make any given message sound more professional, so you don’t create awkward conversations at work.

Google Search

Search now offers two additional features that help improve understanding of content, along with the context of images you may be seeing in search results. New features include additional and related information about the image with a feature called “About this image”, along with new markup in the file. This will allow images to be labeled as “AI-generated”.

These features are actually being worked on. These features will provide more transparency and clarity if the image you are viewing is AI-generated or trustworthy. This is a step towards solving the problem of misinformation about AI images.

Google is also testing several AI-powered conversation modes. Through this, users will be able to see suggested next steps in the search process. Furthermore, an AI-powered snapshot of relevant information will also be displayed, along with links to get further and more contextual information. When the user taps the suggested next step, Google Search will take the user into a new chat mode. In this mode, users can ask Google to provide more information related to the topic they are searching for. Context will flow from question to question, making the complete search process easier.

A brand new “Point of View” filter has also been introduced. This filter will soon appear at the top of some Search results, in cases where the results will benefit from other people’s experiences, such as following Google, posts on Q&A sites, forums discussions, social media platforms and more.

Google Pixel 7a


Image source: CNET

On May 11, Google’s Pixel 7a will sell for $100 less than the Pixel 7 ($499). Pixel 7a has a 6.1-inch screen. Google Pixel 7a was also launched in India. The camera has a higher pixel density, however, it lacks the zoom and versatility of the 7 Pro. The new chip of Google Pixel 7a supports features such as Super Res Zoom and Face Unblur.

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