Find errors: You have a sharp brain if you find errors in an airport photo in 8 seconds

Find out the mistake: Exercise is recommended for a healthy body. Similarly, to have a healthy brain, mental training is necessary.

One such type of activity that is gaining attention on the internet is finding flaws in photos, where users are asked to find flaws in photos within a limited time.

This type of challenge stimulates the visual cortex and engages the right and left hemispheres of the brain, enhancing creativity and analytical thinking.

Do you want to quickly test how sharp your brain is?

Then try this challenge now!

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Find the mistake – Can you find the mistake in the airport photo in 8 seconds?


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The image shared above depicts an airport scene where a plane is preparing to take off.

There is a mistake in the picture and your task is to find the mistake in that picture in 8 seconds.

Take a close look at the images and see if you can find the error within the time limit.

People with high intelligence can recognize errors in pictures faster than others.

Did you spot the mistake?

Hurry up; Time is running out.

There are only a few seconds left before time runs out.

Focus on the image and see if you can identify the error

The key to solving these types of challenges is attention and a keen eye for detail.


Every now and then.

How many of you can find errors in the picture?

Congratulations to those who have found the mistake, those who are still scratching their heads and can’t solve the puzzle can stop now and see the solution below.

Find errors in airport photos in 8 seconds – Solution

The mistake in the airport image is that one side of the plane has two propellers while the other side has one propeller, which can cause an accident.


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