Find 11 squares in 19 seconds. 91% will fail

Picture Puzzles: One of the most popular puzzle challenges on the internet today is picture puzzles.

In this activity, the reader is shown an image and asked a certain question based on that image.

The user needs to answer the question by studying the picture.

Such challenges activate brain regions responsible for logical and analytical thinking, which can improve brain health by improving attention span and preventing cognitive decline in adults.

Are you ready to test how smart you are?


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Picture Puzzle – Find 11 squares in 19 seconds


Source: Bright Side

The image shared above depicts a structure that hides the squares.

Your task is to find 11 squares from this structure in 19 seconds.

This complex picture puzzle will test your logical and analytical thinking skills.

It’s a great way to improve brain health by enhancing cognitive abilities.

Study the picture carefully and see if you can find the 11 squares within the time limit.

How many squares have you discovered?

While the five small squares are easily noticeable, the remaining six will take some time to spot.

Hurry up; Time is running out.

Focus on the image so you can spot the remaining squares.

Only a few seconds left.







Every now and then.

Most of you have probably discovered more than eight squares so far. While some keen-eyed readers may have spotted all the squares.

Those who cannot get it resolved in time need not despair.

With regular practice, you will get better.

Curious to know where the 11 squares are?

Then check the solution below.

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Find 11 Squares in 19 Seconds – Solve

11 squares as follows:


1 large square

5 medium squares

5 small squares

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