Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu: War with the US will be unbearable

Recently, China’s Defense Minister, in his first major speech, made a statement that a war with the US would be an “unbearable disaster” for the entire world.

General Li Shangfu announced at the security summit that “some countries” are intensifying the arms race on the Asian continent.

However, General Li Shangfu stated that the world is very large for both the United States and China. Additionally, he also emphasized the fact that both superpowers must find common ground. General Li Shangfu became China’s Defense Minister in March.

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Internal accusations between superpowers

The United States has accused a Chinese warship of carrying out unsafe maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait.

The US Navy announced that a Chinese destroyer, on Saturday, sailed close to one of its destroyers on Saturday. The Chinese destroyer forced the ship to slow down to avoid a collision. The US Navy said that during this event, a Canadian ship also sailed nearby.

China also frowned at both countries for “deliberately causing risks”. The United States and Canada claimed that they sailed where international law permitted.

General Li Shangfu, in his speech, accused the United States of having a “Cold War mentality.” He said this significantly increases security-related risks.

General Li stated that China will not be able to allow naval patrols by the United States and its allies to become an excuse to enjoy maritime hegemony.

When General Li was asked about the incident in the Taiwan Strait, he said that countries outside the region were causing tensions.

General Li spoke at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. This dialogue is the only annual security meeting in the Asia-Pacific region.

China’s capital has rejected a US request to seek direct military talks to protest sanctions the US imposed on China’s Defense Minister, General Li, on 2018 on the issue of weapons purchased from Russia.

Vedant Patel, deputy State Department spokesman, in Washington, stated that the United States wished to maintain a “predictable” relationship with China and said no to “any new Cold War.”

Vedant Patel also said that “Our competition must not turn into conflict.”

General Li Shangfu kept a rather moderate tone. This shows that his ability with his US counterpart is there, however, Washington needs to lift all sanctions against General Li Shangfu, according to a retired People’s Liberation Army officer. , Chu Bo.

Sanctions against General Li Shangfu

It was in 2018 when General Li Shangfu was punished for purchasing military equipment through Russia. Earlier this year, his five-year term as defense minister began. However, the sanctions imposed on him do not allow him to travel to the United States. Not to be overlooked, the sanctions also made it difficult for General Li Shangfu to invite General Austin to China, as Mr. Chu stated.

Mr. Chu’s statement said, “If there are sanctions, how can we talk? Sanctions have many consequences.”

Relations between Beijing and Washington in recent years

Washington and Beijing have not enjoyed a peaceful relationship over the past few years. There is no one but countless reasons that contribute to stress. One of these major issues is China’s claim to Taiwan. Territorial conflicts in the East Sea are also a worrying issue that has strained relations between the two countries.

Lieutenant General Jing Jianfeng, a senior PLA official, stated that there is no chance of compromise with Taiwan. This man accused the United States of deeply intervening in the region.

On the other hand, this man pointed to the fact that Washington’s intention to increase the number of troops rotated in the region is likely to add fuel to the risk of confrontation.

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