Chess game #8: Check 1 move, black plays

Chess game with answers: Chess is a game of strategy and tactics that has been played for centuries. This is a game with two players, each controlling 16 pieces on a 64 square chessboard.

The object of the game is to check the opponent’s king, that is, to put the king on the spot and unable to escape. And one of the most challenging and rewarding ways is to outshine your opponent with a single move. This is called a one move check.

This is a series of chess games with answers about Jagran Josh every day. Each game will start with the white piece go and check all the black pieces with just one move. We will then provide answers for each game so you can test your chess skills and see if you can solve the puzzle.

Chess game #8: Check 1 move, black plays

1 move of chess

Here are some chess tips for solving puzzles:

Look at the position of the pieces on the board.

Determine the possible moves that black can make.

Evaluate each move and determine which move will lead to all-out in one move.

Make a winning move and check all white pieces.

It can take some time and practice to be able to solve one-move chess puzzles. But with a little effort, you can become a chess champion!

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What is the winning move here?

Check out the answer to the chess puzzle below!

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Chess riddles with answers

Acclaim! If you find a move win black to black in 1 move. However, we have shared the chess puzzle solution below if you are still looking for the answer.

Chess game with answers

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