Chess game #7: Check out 1 move, black plays

Chess is a board game for two players that begins with each player controlling 16 pieces. Pieces can be moved according to a set of rules to cover the opponent’s king. Check-in occurs when the king is in immediate danger of arrest and cannot escape.

There is no luck in chess, as the outcome of the game is determined solely by the player’s tactics and strategy. Chess players who are proficient in this game are called grandmasters.

If you’re looking for a chess challenge, try our one-move checker puzzle series. This puzzle requires you to find a move that can cover all the opponent’s kings in just one move.

Chess Puzzle #7: Check Chess in 1 move, black to play

1 move check-in puzzle

Coordinating in 1 move means that you take out the opponent’s king in just one move.

In the chessboard above, the black piece must move to check the white king in just one move. To make the chess puzzle more difficult, you must figure out the move within 10 seconds.

Can you play all the white kings in 1 move to win this game?

In this chess board, the white king is sitting on cell g1. What will your winning move be?

Don’t worry if you can’t find a move, you can always see the answer to each game at the end of this article. However, we encourage you to try harder!

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Chess puzzle solution

Acclaim! If you find a winning move to check all the white kings. However, we have shared the answer below if you are looking for a solution to this chess game.

Answer: Move the black knight from d4 to f3 to cover all the white kings with one move.

chess puzzle solution

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