Chess game #6: Check 1 move, White goes to hand

Chess, a board game for two players, begins with sixteen pieces that can be moved according to a set of chess game rules. The goal of the game of chess is to score all the opponent’s kings. There is no chance of luck in a game of chess. This is a game based on strategy and tactics. Chess players who master chess skills are considered grandmasters. If you’re looking for a chess challenge today, try our 1 move checker puzzle.

Can you find the remarkable winning move to win this game? Be best prepared to achieve the title of the highest grandmaster in chess. Hone your chess skills to play as an elite level experienced chess player without having to move a game of checkers.

Chess puzzle #6: Check chess in 1 move, white to play

chess game 1 move checkerboard puzzle

In the above chessboard, only those with strong chess tactics can find a winning move to check all the black kings in just one move. To make the chess puzzle more difficult, you must figure out the move within 10 seconds.

In a game of chess, the four best strategies every player must know are Fool’s Mate, Skewers, Pins and Forks. Most children with high IQs tend to enjoy playing chess. Studies have found that children who play chess have significantly increased overall IQ levels.

To win a 1-way check-in game, first determine the position of the opponent’s king. Next, look for your pieces that can check the king while also keeping an eye out for your opponent’s pieces that can block your pieces.

In this chess board, the black king is sitting on cell g8. What will your winning move be?

Don’t worry if you can’t figure out the move, you can always see the solution of each game at the end of this article. However, we encourage you to try harder!

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Chess puzzle solution

Acclaim! If you can find a country, go check the black king. However, we have shared the answer below if you are looking for a solution to this chess game.

Answer: Move the white queen from a5 to d8 to cover all the black kings in 1 move!

chess game with answers

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