Brain Teaser IQ Test: Only people with good eyesight can spot hidden books in 11 seconds?

Brain Teasers are puzzles that test your reasoning and logic skills. Answers often involve inference, pattern recognition, and problem solving. These types of questions are also known as puzzles, word games, and crosswords.

They are also used in job interviews to see if a candidate can solve problems quickly and effectively.

Brain Teasers are a great way to test your logical thinking abilities. If you want to improve your mental agility, you need to tackle tough questions on a regular basis.

Lucky for you, we have a fun quiz for you.

Are you ready to tackle it?

Let’s go!

Can you spot the hidden books in 11 seconds in this brain teaser?

Look at the brain teaser posted below.


Source: Bright Side

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In the photo posted above, you can see a couple enjoying a fun picnic under a tree in the park. You can also see the town Sheriff happily walking behind them. The man is busy reading a book and the woman is using her phone.

The picture has nothing but there is something hidden in it. There are books scattered throughout this picture.

Can you find all the hidden books?

You must try to find how many books are hidden and where they are hidden in this intellectual puzzle.

And remember that you only have 11 seconds to find the hidden books.

So, take out your cell phone or stopwatch, set the timer to 11 seconds and get started.

Your time starts now!

The sun in the photo looks quite beautiful, doesn’t it? Let us tell you something interesting about the Sun.

Fun fact: The sun is dying!

Have fun!

Now, back to our conundrum. The clock is ticking.

Hurry up.

3… 2… and 1!

Time’s up, guys.

Can you solve the tricky puzzle by finding the hidden books?

How many books did you find?

If you can find less than five books, then you need to review.

First, take some time to solve this conundrum for yourself. In case you can’t solve it, the answer will be provided below.

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Brain Teaser Answers

In this mind game you have to find all the hidden books in 11 seconds or less.

Please reveal how many books are hidden and where they are hidden


Source: Bright Side

If you can spot all the hidden books in this brain teaser in 11 seconds or less then congratulations, you have great observation skills.

And if you can’t solve this tricky puzzle, better luck next time.

Please don’t let a failure discourage you or make you give up.

We hope you have fun solving this conundrum. You can leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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