Brain Teaser IQ Test: Only a superman can connect nine dots with four straight lines in 30 seconds!

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Intelligence is a unique characteristic of humans and makes us stand out from other creatures on Earth. However, intelligence is more than just books, tests, numbers and essays. It is vast and includes many different types. Some people have advanced degrees but lack knowledge, while some people have not finished school but have successful businesses.

There are many ways to assess a person’s intelligence, but perhaps nothing is more interesting than solving tricky puzzles, riddles or riddles. Games or quizzes that are fun but also mentally challenging are rare and today we have one just for you. So, jump in without further delay!

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Solve intellectual and fun puzzles!

Do you wonder why solving brain puzzles is so fun? That’s because the competitive and quirky nature of brain games leads to the release of endorphins in the body. These are happy hormones like dopamine that make you feel excited and then satisfied when you successfully solve a puzzle.

Over time, you can adapt to solving difficult questions and expand your mental abilities. That’s right, you can increase your intelligence even if you weren’t born a genius. In fact, there are very few such people. Take this viral brain IQ test to see where you stand on the intelligence spectrum.

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Connect 9 dots with 4 straight lines in 30 seconds

Brain Teaser IQ Test Connect 9 dots with 4 lines in 30 seconds

Source: Brightside

Please observe this image carefully. There are nine dots arranged in a square. You have 30 seconds to connect all the dots using four straight lines, and you cannot cut any of the lines together. Can you do that? It will require the full capacity of your brain.

Here is a viral brain teaser IQ test that has taken the internet by surprise. People spent hours trying to resolve it to no avail. Hope you will do better. So ready!

Your time starts now!




Hurry up, half the time is gone.

Have you solved this tricky puzzle yet? Need a suggest?

Yes, here it is. Your lines can extend beyond the dotted square. But the lines must be straight and there are only four numbers.

And…. Nail! Every now and then. Check the answer below.

Brain Teaser IQ testing solution

Have you solved this tricky puzzle correctly? It seemed really easy after examining the solution and applying common sense.

Brain Teaser IQ testing solution

Hope you had fun solving this tricky IQ test and joined all the dots in time.

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