Best Soccer Anime of All Time – Top 10 Legendary Line-Up

Top 10 Best Soccer Anime of All Time


Best Soccer Anime of All Time


Knight In The Area


Captain Tsubasa


Giant Killing


Clean Freak! Aoyama kun


Inazuma Eleven




Hungry Heart: Wild Striker






Blue Lock

Best Soccer Anime of All Time

“Discover the excitement and passion of the beautiful game like never before with our curated list of the Best Soccer Anime of All Time. From heartwarming tales of underdog teams striving for victory to the journeys of talented individuals chasing their dreams on the pitch, these anime series capture the essence of football (soccer) in all its glory. Join us as we explore the top picks that have left a lasting impact on anime enthusiasts and sports lovers alike.


10. Knight In The Area

“Knight In The Area” is a captivating soccer anime that revolves around the lives of two brothers, Kakeru and Suguru Aizawa. The story takes a dramatic turn when Kakeru, the younger brother, becomes the manager of an ordinary high school football team while his elder brother, Suguru, emerges as the ace player for the Japanese national team. However, an unexpected tragedy changes the course of their lives as Suguru’s heart is implanted into Kakeru to save him. Fueled by his brother’s dreams and legacy, Kakeru decides to pursue a career in soccer, aiming to fulfill his brother’s dream of winning the World Cup with Japan. As he faces the challenges and adversities of the sport, Kakeru must confront the emotional scars that have haunted him for years. “Knight In The Area” offers a compelling narrative that combines family bonds, sportsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of a dream, making it a must-watch for soccer enthusiasts and anime fans alike

9. Captain Tsubasa

“Captain Tsubasa” is a legendary soccer anime that has left an indelible mark on the world of sports anime. The series follows the journey of Tsubasa Oozora, a young and talented footballer with a singular goal – winning the FIFA World Cup with Japan. From a young age, Tsubasa displays exceptional skills that set him apart from his peers. Alongside his friends and teammates, he embarks on a journey filled with challenges, rivalries, and the pursuit of excellence in the sport. What sets “Captain Tsubasa” apart is its ability to blend intense soccer action with compelling character development, creating a story that resonates with viewers of all ages. As Tsubasa strives to become the best in the world, the anime delivers a powerful message of determination, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams, making it a timeless classic in the realm of sports anime.

8. Giant Killing

“Giant Killing” takes a unique approach to soccer anime by focusing on the dynamics of a football club rather than an individual player. The story revolves around East Tokyo United (ETU), a club in the Japanese professional football league that has suffered from a long streak of poor performances. To change their fortune, ETU hires Takeshi Tatsumi as the manager. However, Tatsumi is not a popular figure among the club’s fans because he left ETU at the peak of his career as a player.

Despite the negativity surrounding him, Tatsumi is determined to turn the club’s fortunes around and restore its glory. He faces numerous challenges, including winning the trust of the players and dealing with the pressures of being a manager. “Giant Killing” offers a refreshing take on soccer, focusing on the team’s journey to success and the personal growth of its members.

7. Clean Freak! Aoyama kun

“Clean Freak! Aoyama kun” offers a humorous and unique twist to the world of soccer. The protagonist, Aoyama, is not your typical soccer player. He is a clean freak with an obsession for cleanliness and hygiene. Despite his quirks, Aoyama is an incredibly skilled soccer player who serves as the playmaker for Fujimi High School’s soccer club.

Aoyama’s mysophobia leads to some comical situations as he goes to great lengths to avoid physical contact on the field. However, his determination to keep clean doesn’t deter him from playing soccer with exceptional finesse. Alongside his teammate Kaoru Zaizen, Aoyama embarks on a journey to lead Fujimi’s underdog soccer team to the Nationals. “Clean Freak! Aoyama kun” combines the love for soccer with comedy and character development, making it an entertaining and lighthearted addition to the soccer anime genre.

6. Inazuma Eleven

“Inazuma Eleven” is a beloved soccer anime that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The series follows the life of Mamoru Endō, a talented goalkeeper who attends a school with a lackluster soccer club. The club has only six members, none of whom seem particularly interested in training or competing seriously.

However, everything changes when a mysterious forward named Gōenji moves to Mamoru’s town, and the club receives a challenge from the formidable Teikoku Academy, the 40-year Football Frontier championship holder. Mamoru is determined to build a strong soccer team and accepts the challenge. He sets out to recruit new members and train hard to make his school’s soccer club a force to be reckoned with. “Inazuma Eleven” combines sports action with supernatural elements and a compelling story of teamwork and determination, making it a must-watch for soccer and anime enthusiasts alike.

5. Whistle

Whistle” is a compelling soccer anime that revolves around the journey of Shou Kazamatsuri, a young boy with a relentless determination to become the best soccer player he can possibly be. His path is marked by challenges and obstacles, primarily stemming from his small stature. Despite the odds stacked against him, Shou leaves his old school to join Sakura Jousui High, which has a reputation for high-level soccer. His relentless work ethic and ability to motivate his teammates drive them to overcome their limitations and strive for greatness. Through his unwavering dedication, Shou teaches everyone that giving up is never an option, and together, they fight their way up into the championships, pursuing their dreams with fervor. “Whistle” is not just about soccer; it’s a story of resilience, teamwork, and the pursuit of one’s passion against all odds.

4. Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

“Hungry Heart: Wild Striker” is a classic soccer anime that follows the life of Kano Kyosuke, a young man who initially shied away from soccer due to the immense pressure of living up to the expectations set by his older brother, Japanese soccer star Seisuke Kano. Kyosuke’s early disillusionment with the sport led him to swear off soccer altogether. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when his high school manager recognizes his potential and encourages him to return to the field. This anime beautifully portrays the journey of self-discovery and personal growth as Kyosuke reignites his passion for soccer, aiming to become the best striker in the world. With opportunities for redemption and success, “Hungry Heart: Wild Striker” showcases the importance of perseverance and pursuing one’s dreams, no matter how daunting they may seem. It’s a story of talent, dedication, and the indomitable spirit of a young athlete determined to prove himself on the soccer field.

3. Days

“Days” is a gem in the world of soccer anime, offering a unique and personal narrative that sets it apart from other sports series. This football anime from Studio MAPPA focuses on the lives of two young boys, Tsukushi and Jin, whose destinies become intertwined through the world of soccer. Tsukushi is an unremarkable boy with no special talents, often overlooked by those around him. In contrast, Jin is hailed as a soccer prodigy, with the potential to reach the highest levels of the sport. However, their paths cross one stormy night, and Tsukushi’s introduction to Jin pulls him into the world of soccer. “Days” beautifully portrays the growth and camaraderie of these two characters as they navigate the challenges and joys of pursuing their soccer dreams. It offers a heartfelt exploration of friendship, rivalry, and the determination required to excel in the sport, making it a must-watch for soccer enthusiasts and fans of character-driven stories.

2. Aoashi

Set within the world of Japan’s J-League youth teams, “Aoashi” is a compelling soccer anime that follows the struggles and aspirations of high school students striving to become professional soccer players. The story primarily centers around Ashito Aoi, a young and aspiring soccer player from a small town in Japan. Despite his dreams of joining a high school with a strong soccer club, a critical incident during a crucial match leads to his team’s loss and elimination from the tournament. However, Aoi’s talent doesn’t go unnoticed, as a coach recognizes his potential and invites him to Tokyo to further develop his skills. “Aoashi” delves into the challenges faced by young athletes, exploring themes of perseverance, teamwork, and self-discovery. With its focus on character development and the pursuit of excellence in soccer, this anime offers a compelling and relatable story for sports enthusiasts and anyone striving to achieve their dreams.

1. Blue Lock

“Blue Lock” stands out as one of the best soccer anime in recent years, delivering a gripping and intense narrative that revolves around the protagonist, Isagi Yoichi. Isagi aspires to become Japan’s greatest striker but faces a crushing defeat in a local match that leaves him questioning his abilities. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when he receives an invitation to join a confidential football project called “Blue Lock.” This project brings together Isagi and 299 other strikers from across Japan with the goal of creating the ultimate striker. Locked in a dormitory, the competition to become the best unfolds. “Blue Lock” not only explores the intense world of soccer training and competition but also delves into the psychological and emotional aspects of striving for greatness. With its high-stakes storyline and complex characters, this anime is a must-watch for soccer enthusiasts and those intrigued by the pursuit of excellence in sports.

How Do Soccer Anime Bring Intensity and Competition to the Screen?

Soccer anime effectively convey intensity and competition through a combination of storytelling techniques, character development, and dynamic on-field action. Here’s how they manage to capture the spirit of the sport and engage viewers:

1. High-Stakes Matches: Soccer anime often feature high-stakes matches that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. These matches are portrayed with intricate detailing of strategies, tactics, and individual skills. The suspense and excitement build as the teams clash, making viewers emotionally invested in the outcome.

2. Character Rivalries: Intense character rivalries add depth to the competition. Soccer anime create compelling rivalries between key players or teams, amplifying the anticipation and drama. These rivalries often stem from personal goals, past encounters, or a desire to prove oneself, driving the narrative forward.

3. Underdog Stories: Many soccer anime revolve around underdog teams or players striving to overcome formidable opponents. This narrative choice adds an extra layer of tension, as viewers root for the underdogs and eagerly await their moments of triumph. The struggle to rise through the ranks is a central theme that enhances the overall intensity.

4. Strategic Insights: Soccer is a game of strategy, and anime take advantage of this by providing viewers with strategic insights. They explain tactics, formations, and player roles, allowing fans to gain a deeper understanding of the sport and appreciate the cerebral aspects of soccer.

5. Emotional Investment: Soccer anime excel in building emotional connections between viewers and characters. Through character development, viewers become attached to the players’ dreams, struggles, and aspirations. This emotional investment amplifies the tension during crucial moments on the field.

6. Dynamic Animation: On-field action in soccer anime is brought to life through dynamic animation. The fluid movements, close-up shots of players, and intense action sequences create a sense of immersion. The animation quality contributes significantly to the excitement of the matches.

7. Cliffhangers and Suspense: Soccer anime masterfully use cliffhangers and suspenseful storytelling techniques. They often conclude episodes or arcs with unresolved situations, leaving viewers eager to see how matches or conflicts will unfold in the next episode.

8. Personal Growth: Character growth is a recurring theme in soccer anime. As players overcome challenges, develop new skills, and learn valuable life lessons, viewers are drawn into their personal journeys. This growth adds depth to the competition, as success on the field is often intertwined with personal development.

Soccer anime employ a combination of well-crafted storytelling, character development, and captivating animation to bring intensity and competition to the screen. By focusing on the emotional and strategic aspects of the sport, these anime create an immersive experience that resonates with both soccer enthusiasts and general viewers alike.

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