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Top 10 Best ODI Bowlers






Josh Hazlewood




Mitchell Starc




Mujeeb Ur Rahman




Rashid Khan




Mohammed Siraj




Matt Henry


New Zealand


Trent Boult


New Zealand


Adam Zampa




Shaheen Afridi




Kuldeep Yadav



Best ODI Bowlers

The title of “Best ODI Bowlers” is bestowed upon a select group of cricketers who have consistently demonstrated exceptional skill, accuracy, and effectiveness in the One Day International (ODI) format of the game. These bowlers are known for their ability to control the flow of runs, take crucial wickets, and contribute significantly to their team’s success. Their mastery over various bowling techniques, be it swing, seam, spin, or pace, has earned them recognition and respect on the global cricketing stage. These elite bowlers are instrumental in shaping the outcome of ODIs and are celebrated for their pivotal role in the sport.


1. Josh Hazlewood (705)

Josh Hazlewood, an Australian fast bowler, has consistently been a key figure in the world of One Day International (ODI) cricket. With a remarkable bowling rating of 705, Hazlewood is renowned for his precision and ability to maintain tight line and length, making it challenging for batsmen to score freely. He possesses a classical fast bowler’s attributes, with the capability to swing the ball both ways and generate bounce, often proving to be a formidable opponent in various playing conditions. Hazlewood’s career-best rating of 733, achieved in 2018 against England, stands as a testament to his prowess. He has played a crucial role in Australia’s ODI successes, contributing crucial breakthroughs in crunch situations and providing excellent support to the team’s fast-bowling battery.

2. Mitchell Starc (686)

Mitchell Starc, another prominent Australian fast bowler, boasts an ODI rating of 686, firmly establishing himself as one of the most fearsome bowlers in limited-overs cricket. Known for his incredible pace and the ability to deliver lethal yorkers at will, Starc’s aggressive style of bowling has rattled numerous batting line-ups. His career-best rating of 783, achieved against New Zealand in 2015, underlines his dominance in ODIs. Starc’s proficiency in swinging the new ball and his devastating late-innings spells make him a force to be reckoned with. He has been instrumental in Australia’s ODI triumphs, playing a pivotal role in their World Cup victories and consistently featuring among the top wicket-takers in the format.

3. Mujeeb Ur Rahman (680)

Mujeeb Ur Rahman, hailing from Afghanistan, has emerged as a rising star in the world of ODI cricket, boasting an impressive rating of 680. What sets Mujeeb apart is his unique spin bowling style, characterized by a variety of deliveries, including off-spin, leg-spin, and the carrom ball. His unorthodox approach has often confounded batsmen, leading to crucial wickets. Mujeeb’s career-best rating of 712, attained against Ireland in 2021, showcases his growing influence on the game. At a young age, he has already become a linchpin of the Afghan bowling attack, and his ability to control the middle overs has been vital in limiting opposition teams’ scoring. Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s talent and potential hint at a promising future in the ODI arena.

4. Rashid Khan (679)

Rashid Khan, hailing from Afghanistan, has emerged as one of the most captivating spin bowlers in modern cricket. Known for his extraordinary leg-spin and deceptive googlies, Rashid Khan has consistently troubled batsmen in ODIs. With a current ODI rating of 679, Rashid’s impact on the game cannot be understated. He first gained global attention during the 2018 Indian Premier League (IPL), where he displayed remarkable control and guile despite his young age. Rashid’s career-best rating of 806, achieved on 21st September 2018, underscores his ability to be a match-winner.

Rashid’s success is attributed not only to his prodigious talent but also his work ethic and composure under pressure. He is renowned for his ability to bowl economically during the middle overs and break partnerships when needed. Rashid’s contributions have been pivotal in Afghanistan’s rise in international cricket, and he continues to be a sought-after asset in various T20 leagues worldwide.

5. Mohammed Siraj (670)

Mohammed Siraj, the fast-bowling sensation from India, has been making waves in the cricketing world with his remarkable performances in the ODI format. His current ODI rating stands at an impressive 670, reflecting his consistent ability to trouble batsmen with his pace, swing, and seam movement. Mohammed Siraj’s journey from humble beginnings to international cricket is an inspiring tale, and his ODI rating reflects his rapid ascent in the sport. His career-best rating of 736, achieved on 21st January 2023, demonstrates his growing influence as a key player for the Indian cricket team.

Siraj is known for his relentless work ethic and commitment to improving his game. He has the capability to deliver crucial breakthroughs and maintain pressure on the opposition with his accurate and incisive bowling. His performances in ODIs have solidified his position as one of India’s premier fast bowlers, and his future in international cricket looks promising.

6. Matt Henry (667)

Matt Henry, representing New Zealand, is a dependable fast bowler in the world of ODI cricket. With a current ODI rating of 667, Henry consistently delivers for his team with his ability to generate pace and movement. His career-best rating of 691, achieved on 26th March 2021, showcases his prowess as a key wicket-taker for New Zealand. Henry is known for his aggressive approach, and he often provides crucial early breakthroughs, setting the tone for his team’s bowling performance.

Henry’s performances have been particularly instrumental in New Zealand’s success on the global stage, including their runner-up finish in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. His ability to swing the ball and extract bounce from pitches makes him a potent force in both home and away conditions. Matt Henry’s consistent presence in the New Zealand lineup and his knack for picking up vital wickets make him a valuable asset in ODI cricket.

7. Trent Boult (660)

Trent Boult, the left-arm fast bowler from New Zealand, has firmly established himself as one of the world’s premier fast bowlers in ODI cricket. Known for his ability to swing the ball both ways and generate pace, Boult has consistently troubled batsmen with his lethal deliveries. His career-best rating of 775 against Australia in September 2022 is a testament to his skill and effectiveness. Boult has been an integral part of the New Zealand national team, forming formidable partnerships with fellow bowlers like Tim Southee. His memorable performances in ICC tournaments, including the Cricket World Cup, have played a pivotal role in New Zealand’s success on the international stage. Boult’s precision, ability to strike early, and consistent ability to contain runs make him a crucial asset in limited-overs cricket.

8. Adam Zampa (652)

Adam Zampa, the Australian leg-spinner, has emerged as a key figure in Australia’s ODI bowling lineup. His career-best rating of 655 came in November 2022, reflecting his growing influence in the format. Zampa is renowned for his prodigious spin and the ability to deceive batsmen with his variations. He possesses a sharp googly and an accurate flipper, making him a genuine wicket-taking threat in the middle overs. Zampa’s consistent performances have earned him a reputation as one of the most dependable spinners in modern ODI cricket. His partnership with fellow spinner, Nathan Lyon, or the pace battery, has added depth to the Australian bowling attack. Zampa’s agility in the field and cool-headedness under pressure further elevate his value to the team.

9. Shaheen Afridi (633)

Pakistan’s Shaheen Afridi has rapidly risen through the ranks to become one of the most promising fast bowlers in ODI cricket. His career-best rating of 688, achieved against the West Indies in June 2022, underscores his potential and impact. The tall left-arm pacer possesses the ability to generate steep bounce and extract movement off the pitch, often posing difficulties for batsmen. Shaheen’s knack for taking early wickets and delivering crucial breakthroughs in the middle overs has made him a valuable asset for Pakistan. He is also known for his fiery spells in powerplay situations. As a young talent with a bright future, Shaheen Afridi continues to make significant contributions to Pakistan’s ODI success.

10. Kuldeep Yadav (622)

Kuldeep Yadav, the crafty left-arm wrist-spinner from India, has been a game-changer with the ball in the ODI format. His career-best rating of 765, achieved against New Zealand in January 2019, illustrates his capability to dismantle batting lineups with his unorthodox spin. Kuldeep is known for his ability to turn the ball sharply and his variations in pace and flight, making him a challenging prospect for batsmen. He often forms a potent spin duo with Yuzvendra Chahal, posing a significant threat in the middle overs. Kuldeep’s knack for taking key wickets and providing crucial breakthroughs has been pivotal in India’s ODI successes. His ability to adapt to different conditions and read batsmen’s minds makes him an exciting prospect in the world of limited-overs cricket.

What Makes a Bowler the Best in ODIs?

What makes a bowler the best in One Day Internationals (ODIs) is a culmination of several key factors, each contributing to their effectiveness and impact on the game. Here are the elements that collectively define the best ODI bowlers:

Consistency: One of the most vital attributes of the best ODI bowlers is their consistency in delivering accurate and disciplined spells. They consistently hit the right areas, maintain a good line and length, and limit the number of boundary deliveries. This consistency creates pressure on batsmen, leading to mistakes and wicket-taking opportunities.

Variations: The best ODI bowlers possess a wide range of variations in their arsenal. These include slower balls, yorkers, bouncers, and deceptive spin variations. The ability to surprise batsmen with different deliveries makes it challenging for them to settle and score freely.

Wicket-Taking Ability: Top ODI bowlers have a knack for taking crucial wickets at critical moments in the game. Whether it’s breaking a partnership or dismissing the opposition’s key batsmen, their wicket-taking ability is instrumental in turning the tide of the match.

Economy Rate: While taking wickets is important, the best ODI bowlers also maintain an economical bowling rate. They don’t leak too many runs and build pressure on the batting side, forcing errors and contributing to their team’s success.

Adaptability: The ability to adapt to different conditions and situations is crucial for ODI bowlers. Whether they are playing on flat pitches, swinging conditions, or slow, turning tracks, the best bowlers adjust their strategies and adapt their bowling style to suit the circumstances.

Fitness and Endurance: ODI cricket demands a high level of fitness and endurance. The best bowlers are not only technically sound but also physically fit to consistently deliver quality overs throughout the match.

Mental Toughness: ODI cricket often involves high-pressure situations. The best bowlers maintain their composure, stay focused, and make wise decisions under pressure. Their mental toughness allows them to thrive in crucial moments.

Understanding of Batsmen: The best ODI bowlers study their opponents, understanding their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge helps them formulate specific plans to dismiss key batsmen efficiently.

Team Player: ODI bowlers understand their role within the team and work in coordination with their captain and fellow bowlers. They contribute to team strategies and execute their plans effectively.

Record and Consistency: Over time, the best ODI bowlers build a record of consistent performances. Their statistics, including the number of wickets taken, bowling averages, and strike rates, reflect their prowess in the format.

The best ODI bowlers combine technical skill, mental strength, adaptability, and an innate ability to read the game and the opposition. They play a pivotal role in their team’s success, often being the difference-makers in ODI matches.

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