Will There Be a Criminal Record Season 2? Criminal Record Plot, Cast, Where to Watch, and Trailer

Will there be a second season of criminal records?

The future of ‘Criminal Record’ season 2 remains uncertain, but rumors surrounding the success of season 1 have generated anticipation and speculation among critics and viewers alike. While there is no official confirmation, Peter Capaldi, who plays Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty in the Apple TV+ series, has hinted at the possibility of a renewal.

The London-centric show follows the collaboration of two detectives, DCI Hegarty and DS June Lenker, played by Capaldi and Cush Jumbo, as they tackle a high-profile murder case sparked by an anonymous call.

The dynamic between the seasoned detective and the determined young officer adds depth to the gripping narrative. Capaldi, discussing the prospects for the second season of ‘Criminal Record’, expressed optimism about the various possibilities for the future.

While no concrete plans have been announced, Capaldi acknowledged the excitement surrounding the launch of Season 1 and the unique global reach facilitated by Apple TV+. The actor emphasized the significant change in the television landscape, where the show instantly reaches audiences in 130 countries with just one click.

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Criminal record

“Criminal Record” is a gripping British crime thriller television series created by Paul Rutman. The show, which premiered on Apple TV+ on January 10, 2024, unfolds across eight intense episodes. The narrative revolves around two detectives, DCI Daniel Hegarty, played by Peter Capaldi, and DS June Lenker, played by Cush Jumbo.

The duo, with a considerable difference in experience, find themselves at odds when an anonymous phone call reopens an old murder case, dragging them back into its complexities. Set against the backdrop of London, the series sees the showdown between veteran DCI Hegarty and early career DS Lenker as they delve into the complexities of the unsolved murder.

The unfolding drama keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, with each episode lasting approximately 43 to 53 minutes. With Paul Rutman as series creator and writer, “Criminal Record” also benefits from the directorial talents of Jim Loach and Shaun James Grant. The captivating music, composed by Neil Davidge and Michael Asante, adds an extra layer of intensity to the crime thriller.

The production, a collaboration between Tod Productions and STV Studios, is executive produced by Paul Rutman, Elaine Collins, Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo. The series is available exclusively on Apple TV+ and offers an immersive and suspenseful experience for crime thriller enthusiasts.

Criminal record plot

“Criminal Record” is a captivating crime drama available on Apple TV+, showcasing a brilliant and twisting narrative that delves into themes of race and legacy. Created by Paul Rutman, the series is set in London and begins with Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty (Peter Capaldi) driving a luxury car while working as a chauffeur. A distraught, anonymous woman reports an attempted murder and reveals a past crime, triggering a complex investigation.

Detective Sergeant June Lenker (Cush Jumbo) takes on the case and uncovers layers of modern racism within the east London police force. The narrative explores police bias, the misuse of power, and the lies people tell themselves to justify intolerance. The confrontation between DCI Hegarty, a leading figure in the police force, and DS Lenker, a determined black woman facing open misogyny, adds depth to the story.

As the investigation progresses, unexpected twists challenge preconceived notions. The series addresses not only the mystery of a seemingly innocent man confessing to a crime, but also the complexities of power dynamics, legacy, and the narratives we construct about others.

Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo’s performances shine, revealing nuanced characters with hidden depths. The series skillfully weaves together several stories without becoming too complex, keeping viewers interested in shocking and unexpected connections.

Although at times disconcerting, “Criminal Record” is a thrilling exploration of human obsession, power and the secrets we keep. The series encourages viewers to question their own prejudices and reflect on people’s capabilities on any given day. With its intense plot and strong character development, “Criminal Record” offers a thought-provoking and suspenseful viewing experience.

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Pedro Capaldi

DCI Daniel Hegarty

Cush Jumbo

DS June Lenker

Zoe Wanamaker


Charlie Creed-Miles

DS Tony Gilfoyle

Cathy Tyson

Doris Mathis

Stephen Campbell Moore

Leo Hanratty

Shaun Dooley

DS Kim Cardwell

Dionne Brown

DC Chloe Summers

Tom Mouchi

Errol Mathis

aysha kala

Sonya Singh

Criminal records Where to look?

“Criminal Record” is available exclusively for streaming on Apple TV Plus, where the first two episodes were released on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, kicking off a crime thriller experience.

Subsequent episodes unfold weekly, making them a must-watch every Wednesday. The release schedule continues with Episode 3 on January 17, Episode 4 on January 24, Episode 5 on January 31, Episode 6 on February 7, Episode 7 on February 14, and concludes with Episode 8 on February 21.

This staggered release approach allows viewers to gradually immerse themselves in the gripping narrative, which features the confrontation between DCI Daniel Hegarty and DS June Lenker as they revisit an old murder case sparked by an anonymous phone call.

To catch all the twists and turns of this captivating crime series, audiences can easily access “Criminal Record” on the Apple TV Plus platform, providing a convenient and exclusive hub for those who enjoy crime dramas and mystery thrillers.

Criminal Record Trailer

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