Why are earthquakes more and more frequent in India today? Here are the reasons behind the Delhi-NCR earthquake

A few days ago, on November 9, people in Delhi-NCR reported tremors at night. This earthquake had a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale. Then, just three days after the incident, the tremor appeared again on the evening of November 12 with an intensity of 5.7 magnitude. These are 2 earthquake incidents in the same week. Furthermore, recently a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit Himachal Pradesh. Why is news about earthquakes increasingly popular today? Is there anything to worry about? Here are all the explanations you wanted to know.

The country’s northern states including Punjab and Delhi have been hit by frequent tremors in the past few days. Recently, people in Delhi and NCR region felt two consecutive high intensity earthquakes in the same week.

If we look at the records of the last few decades, many earthquakes have occurred in Delhi NCR as well. The frequency of these earthquakes is gradually increasing. Now, the burning question is why these earthquakes are happening more and more frequently. Before looking into this answer, let’s first understand why earthquakes happen in the first place!

Why do earthquakes happen? Brief explanation!


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Think back to your school geography classes. The cause of earthquakes lies in the earth’s tectonic plates. When tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface move against each other, earthquakes occur.

Now, why have earthquakes become so common in India?

There are some specific reasons behind the increasing frequency of earthquakes in the country. The country frequently faces earthquakes in the northern and northeastern regions as some parts of Nepal and India lie on the boundaries (fault zones) of two major tectonic plates.

When the Indian plate moves towards the Nepal plate, the Himalayas are formed. While the formation of the Himalayas is good news, the collision of these two plates makes both India and Nepal more susceptible to earthquakes.

Finally, let’s talk about Delhi-NCR

Now, the last question we are going to answer for you is why earthquakes happen so often in Delhi-NCR.

Consider this fact. Delhi lies on the Sohna fault, the Delhi-Moradabad fault and the Mathura fault. All three are active seismic fault lines.

In the case of Gurgaon, the region has not just one or two but a total of seven fault lines, making Gurgaon the most dangerous region of Delhi-NCR when it comes to earthquakes.

Now, Delhi has always been vulnerable to earthquakes as it is located in the fourth highest seismic zone out of the five zones classified by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

However, the worrying news, if not the good news, is that Delhi has so far not become the epicenter of any earthquake and is not likely to in the future.

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