What Happened to Joe in You? Does Joe Get Caught in You?

What happened to Joe in you?

At the end of the fourth season of “You,” Joe Goldberg fully embraces his dark side. After murdering Kate’s father, he decides to end his own life, realizing that Rhys, a darker version of himself, is a part of him. Surprisingly, Joe survives his fall and wakes up in a hospital a changed man. However, he conveniently leaves out the truth about Kate’s father’s murder when he confesses to her.

Joe and Kate promise to be honest with each other, but Joe’s dark side is now in control. He coldly kills Edward and frames Nadia for the crimes. In the end, Joe and Kate return to New York City, where Kate uses her family’s resources to help Joe get his old life back, including her son Henry. Despite the changes, Joe’s fundamental belief in love remains, making him a complex and evolving character.

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Who is Joe in you?

Joe Goldberg is the main character of the book series and television show “You.” Played by Penn Badgley, he is a complex figure, who started out as a bookstore manager in New York. Joe becomes a serial killer and stalker with a dangerous obsession after meeting Guinevere Beck. Looking for a new beginning, he moves to Los Angeles, where he forms another toxic relationship with Love Quinn.

Struggling with his violent tendencies, Joe moves to London, becomes involved in a new mystery, and falls in love with Kate Lockwood. Throughout the series, Joe juggles different identities, including aliases like Paul Brown and Will Bettelheim, showing a troubled and dark side, making him a compelling but deeply flawed character.

Is Joe trapped in you?

In the finale of the second part of season 4 of “You”, Joe Goldberg’s attempt to start a new life in Europe falls apart. Despite portraying a changed man, Joe’s dark side resurfaces when he befriends members of British high society, leading to a series of murders dubbed “Eating the Rich.” Joe, struggling with stress-induced psychosis, realizes that he is the culprit. He manipulates press narratives with Kate, a young aristocrat, presenting himself as a victim.

Meanwhile, Marienne escapes Joe’s clutches with clever survival instincts, faking her own death and fleeing to Paris. The ending reveals Joe’s extensive murder count, with a total of seven victims. Despite the chaos, Joe manages to return to New York with Kate, evading capture for his crimes.


“You” is an American psychological thriller television series based on the books by Caroline Kepnes, created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble. The show, produced by Berlanti Productions, Alloy Entertainment and A+E Studios, premiered on Lifetime in 2018 and later moved to Netflix. The first season, beginning in September 2018, introduces Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager and serial killer who falls obsessively in love.

The series continued with a second season on Netflix in 2019, where Joe moves to Los Angeles and falls in love with Love Quinn. In the third season, released in 2021, Joe faced new challenges. The fourth season was split into two parts in 2023 and featured a cast including Charlotte Ritchie and Ed Speleers. “You” has been renewed for a fifth and final season that will premiere in 2024, concluding the gripping psychological drama.




Penn Badgley

Joe Goldberg / Will Bettelheim / Jonathan Moore

Elizabeth Lail

Guinevere Beck

Luca Padovan


zach cherry

Ethan Russel

Shay Mitchell

Peach Salinger

Victoria Pedretti

I love Quinn

Carmela Zumbado

Dalila Alves

Jenna Ortega

Ellie Alves

James Scully

Forty Quinn

Amy Childers

Candace Stone

Saffron burrows

Dottie Quinn

tati gabrielle

marienne bellamy

Shalita Grant

Sherry Conrado

Travis Van Winkle

Cary Conrado

dylan arnold

Theodore “Theo” Engler

Charlotte Ritchie

Katherine “Kate” Galvin-Lockwood

Tilly’s Guardian

Lady Phoebe Borehall-Blaxworth

Amy Leigh Hickman

Nadia Farran

Ed Speleers

Rhys Montrose

Luke Gage

Adam Pratt

Where to look at you?

“You” is available for streaming on Netflix. The psychological thriller series, based on the books by Caroline Kepnes, can be accessed on the Netflix platform, allowing viewers to watch all four seasons. The show originally premiered on Lifetime for its first season, but then moved exclusively to Netflix starting with the second season.

With its gripping story and intense character development, “You” has earned a significant fan base. Audiences can tune into Netflix to follow the suspenseful journey of Joe Goldberg as he navigates love, obsession, and the darker aspects of his life over the course of several seasons.

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