Love on The Spectrum Season 2 Which Couples are Still Together?

Love on the spectrum

“Love on The Spectrum” is a heartwarming reality television series originating in Australia and later adapted in the United States. The show focuses on people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the complexities of love and relationships.

Created and directed by Cian O’Clery, the series aims to dispel misconceptions about autism by showing the diversity of experiences within the spectrum. Through genuine and heartfelt performances, the show captures each contestant’s unique journey, emphasizing her individuality and challenging stereotypes surrounding love and autism.

The show’s format presents viewers with a diverse cast, each with their own quirks, interests and challenges. By following these people on their search for love, the series offers an intimate and authentic look at their lives.

“Love on The Spectrum” not only explores the pursuit of romantic relationships but also highlights the broader theme of self-discovery and acceptance. The genuine connections formed throughout the program help break down social barriers and foster a deeper understanding of the diverse spectrum of human emotions.

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Love on The Spectrum Season 2 Which couples are still together?

Abbey and David: together

Abbey and David are happily in a relationship after season 2. They have become closer since their trip to Africa, where David invited Abbey and her family on a safari trip to see lions.

In an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, Abbey mentioned that their relationship has developed a lot, they share common interests, do fun activities together, and are even discussing wedding plans. They have plans for their third anniversary, including going to Atlantis Bahamas and potentially getting married in Africa or at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Dani and Adam: Something together

Dani and Adan still see each other, but their communication is mainly through text messages. They haven’t been on a date since July and Dani expressed her desire to find more time to spend together. Despite the challenges of busy schedules with college and a part-time job, they are exploring the idea of ​​meeting somewhere in the middle for their next date.

Connor and Emma: separated

Even though the show’s closing credits suggest that Connor and Emma were still together, Connor’s mother revealed on social media that they are now just friends. Connor confirmed in an interview with Tudum that he is currently single and, although they still keep in touch and hang out occasionally, he and Emily have decided to remain platonic.

Journey and Talia: separated

Unfortunately, Journey and Talia’s romantic relationship did not progress further after the show. Journey admitted that in 2024 she will still be single and looking for love. She mentioned that she found it difficult to get past the conversation stage in potential relationships.

Tanner and Kate: separated

While Tanner and Kate are no longer together romantically, they remain good friends. Tanner mentioned that he is not currently dating anyone and that he is content with being single for now. They stay in touch and even met up with friends after the holidays to see the lights at the Columbia, South Carolina Zoo.

James and Maggie: separated

James and Maggie decided to go their separate ways after two dates in season 2. Maggie expressed that she didn’t feel a spark of romance and preferred to just be friends. James, a medieval enthusiast, mentioned that he is currently single after breaking up with a woman who had children.

Love on the spectrum plot

The plot of “Love on The Spectrum” revolves around the dating experiences of people on the autism spectrum. The series unfolds as the contestants embark on a journey to find love, some for the first time.

The show artfully captures the challenges and triumphs of dating through a neurodivergent lens, emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual’s approach to romance. Viewers witness a variety of experiences, from initial awkwardness to genuine connections, as participants navigate social nuances and learn more about themselves in the process.

The narrative is skillfully woven, allowing the audience to follow the personal stories of each participant. The show not only delves into the complexities of romantic relationships, but also sheds light on the broader aspects of the daily lives of those on the spectrum.

The inclusion of a diverse cast, spanning various ages and backgrounds, enriches the storytelling and offers a well-rounded representation of the neurodivergent community. Through its thoughtful and compassionate approach, “Love on The Spectrum” strikes a delicate balance between entertainment and education.

Love on The Spectrum Season 2 Cast


cast member


Jennifer Cook O’Toole (relationship coach)


Daniel Bowman


James Jones


Abbey Lutes


Steve Spitz


Connor Tomlinson


Tanner Smith



Love on The Spectrum Season 2 Trailer

Where to watch Love on The Spectrum?

“Love on The Spectrum” is available for streaming on Netflix, providing easy access to viewers around the world. The platform offers all episodes, allowing audiences to binge-watch the series or enjoy it at their own pace.

Netflix’s easy-to-use interface and wide accessibility make it convenient for subscribers to explore the genuine and heartwarming stories showcased in the show. The series has garnered positive reception, making it a recommended watch for those interested in a compassionate depiction of love within the neurodivergent community.

With its global availability, “Love on The Spectrum” on Netflix continues to help foster understanding and empathy for people on the autism spectrum.

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