Kill the Hero Chapter 144 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scan, and Where to Read Kill the Hero Chapter 144?

Kill the Hero Chapter 144 Spoiler

Kim Woo-jin, an expert Skeleton Warrior Mastery player, faced a surprising challenge in the Forest of the Dead dungeon when he encountered skilled players below level 100. The US administration had placed unusual players in the dungeon to sabotage the search for Isaac Ivanov. Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah approached the dungeon with confidence and faced the hordes as if they were alone.

Upon encountering 60 skeletons, Kim Woo-jin remembered his past fights with Johann Georg and the King of the Undead. The Undead King, leading an army of undead, exuded arrogance. When Lee Jin-ah and 200 Orcs approached, the atmosphere became tense.

The Forest of the Dead dungeon raid gained widespread interest during this intense period of dungeon exploration. However, many players lost interest after entering the dungeon.

When questions arose about guild betting, the Great One Guild wagered King Arthur’s Ring, while Isaac Ivanov wagered Wilhelm Tell’s Crossbow. The Oh Se-chan guild manipulated public opinion to pressure other guilds to bet, despite knowing that Kim Woo-jin would likely win.

The Frontier Guild offered a prize of 10 million and Oh Se-chan took advantage of his authority to force others to participate. Guild Master Great One revealed Ellis Highton’s rare items, including King Arthur’s Ring and Merlin’s Staff.

Oh Se-chan was surprised to learn that even players attempting 6-story dungeons might not possess Ellis Highton’s items. He inquired about the possibility of adjusting the bet, but was informed that it could not be changed midway.

Kill the Hero Chapter 144 Release Date

Get ready for the long-awaited release of Kill the Hero Chapter 144! Fans can mark their calendars for October 6, 2023, when the new chapter hits screens. Be sure to set your reminders and alarms, as this next installment promises to bring exciting new twists to the story. Don’t miss the excitement

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Kill the Hero Chapter 143 Summary

Well-known players, fueled by their competitive spirit and the lure of legendary items, dared to take on challenging A+ rank dungeons. However, those who lacked skill and luck often met their end in simpler dungeons of one or two floors. Kim Woo-jin, once an expert in understanding the minds of players, now a member of the Messiah Guild, came up with a plan. He proposed a bet to claim Van Gogh’s Bracelet and Merlin’s Staff, attracting Ellis Highton.

The guild members accepted the challenge and decided to compete on the first floor to see who could hunt monsters the fastest. The Great One Guild and Isaac Ivanov aimed to eliminate the remaining 16,000 monsters. The plan was to let these two parties fight on the first floor and then retreat gracefully.

Both sides agreed to hunt 5,000 monsters each. However, competitive monster hunting was far from a smooth marathon, especially for Isaac Ivanov, with only two players. Even with the addition of Spashiba, competition was sure to be intense.

In the end, the famous player competition in 3 Floor Dungeons took place in two stages, with all sides willing to accept defeat if both groups failed simultaneously.

Kill the Hero Chapter 144 Raw Scan

As of now, there has been no news regarding the release of Kill the Hero Chapter 144 raw scans. However, it is anticipated that the raw scans of the new chapter could be available around the same time as the official release, which is scheduled for October 3, 2023.

Where to read Kill the Hero Chapter 144?

You can immerse yourself in the exciting world of Kill the Hero with Chapter 144 on the specified dates we provide, right here on Naver. Get ready to unravel the next exciting chapter in this gripping story. Mark your calendar and get ready for the release date. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss! Stay tuned for the action and drama that awaits you in this next chapter. Get ready for an adventure like never before, exclusively at Never.

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