Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 21 Release Date and Time, Countdown, When is it Coming Out?

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 21 Release Date and Time

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 21 will be released on Sunday, November 26, 2023. Dark Gathering is one of the most popular Japanese anime television series, which was initially released on July 10, 2023. This series received a great popularity at the premiere of just a few episodes that now have a new season. Yeah! Season 1 finally premiered and a few episodes of Dark Gathering season 1 aired.

Season name

Dark meeting

Episode number

Episode 21


Adventure and Terror

Dark Gathering Initial Release Date

July 10, 2023

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 18 Release Date

November 5, 2023

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 19 Release Date

November 12, 2023

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 20 Release Date

November 19, 2023

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 21 Release Date

November 26, 2023

season number

Season 1


6 days

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How many episodes will Dark Gathering season 1 have?

Dark Gathering season 1 consists of a total of 25 episodes, promising an extensive and immersive narrative. The season unfolds with a rich tapestry of storytelling, with each episode contributing to the overall plot.

Viewers can anticipate a well-developed story and a journey through various plot twists and character developments throughout the entire season. With a generous number of episodes, Dark Gathering season 1 guarantees a thorough exploration of its dark and intriguing world, keeping audiences interested throughout the development of the saga.

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 20 Recap

In episode 20 of Dark Gathering, Shami dispels the curse of a knife and strikes up a conversation with Oswald about the idea of ​​spirits inhabiting human bodies. She then sets her sights on a task in Old I Watergate. Simultaneously, Yayoi and her companions arrive at Old I Watergate and meet Shami. Eiko, accompanied by Shami and others, shares intriguing stories she discovered about Watergate.

While exploring the area, Keitaro sees a boy and engages in dialogue with him. The boy tells a tragic story of his life and reveals that he is a spirit with a mission to help his mother transform people into meatballs. Surprisingly, Shami becomes one of his victims, leaving Keitaro and the rest visibly horrified as the episode concludes.

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 21 Voice Cast and Characters

  • Kana Hanazawa as Eiko Hozuki
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Keitar® Gentо̄ga
  • Yu Sasahara as Yayoi Hоzuki
  • Rina Kawaguchi as Ai Kamiyo
  • Fumi Hirano as Toko Awamiya
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu as Nagayama
  • Kujira as Kishimojin

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